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The Process Manager in Intrexx Xtreme 3 introduces a multitude of powerful functions, which not only make possible the definition of activities and workflows, but also display them in a comprehensible manner. Changes resulting from optimizations in process or restructuring in the enterprise can be put into place, without time-consuming programming, using the Process Manager.

In the following, a few possibilities for use:

Active project management

Static project management with constant control of the project plan now belongs to the past. With the help of the Process Manager, project leaders and decision makers can be automatically informed of advances and critical situations. Sub-project leaders and project workers will be made aware of overdue project tasks or those that are nearing completion.   Read

Automatic data reduction

Avoid “data graveyards” that come about from the continuous saving of data, such as after a specific condition has been reached, or a notice occurring after the condition has become overdue. Automatic deletion of data at year’s end with concurrent saving of statistically relevant data in separate data tables.   Read

Complex application and authorization procedures

Budget requests can be realized with the Process Manager, independent of the amount in question, and can be approved by various persons, with approval then automatically resulting in notifications sent to various other places. Even multi-level approval processes are possible.   Read

Linkage of processes

If there are points of contact between various processes, they can be technically implemented with the help of the Process Manager. In law offices, notaries, or medical or public administrations, files regarding all kinds of topics can be administered. Handling processes for clients, patients, or citizens can now automate requests for files from the archives, for example. This action is possible across various applications, meaning that applications for client management and file administration can be implemented separately and then be made to communicate with each other via a workflow design.   Read

Synchronization of data in various applications

In order to create various display formats and links between applications, the Process Manager can transmit data to other Intrexx applications automatically upon saving, for example. This possibility allows, for example, for the reservation of conference and presentation rooms, the announcement of events, and ordering of catering services to be linked with one another. The partial processes are then developed, with the help of the Process Manager, into a complete event management system.   Read

Enterprise development in view

Which CEO or manager does not want an overview of the development of the enterprise at a glance? The integration of various data sources in Intrexx Xtreme and their appropriate preparation and display now, with the help of the Process Manager, can be made into an active information and alarm management system and thereby provide valuable support for timely reactions to developments and tendencies in the business. Budget overruns, sales goals or loss limits, or even reminders for delivery appointments and deadlines can be automated, resulting in eMail or SMS notifications.   Read

Key data using the example of a clinic in the health care sector

How do stationary occupancy levels fluctuate in a hospital? What is the trend in false diagnoses? Decision makers must recognize negative trends quickly and work to counter them immediately. Numbers from patient management, medicine control, and accounting work together with intelligently designed workflow designs to form the basis of this elementary information management system for decision makers in a medical facility. When defined boundary values are overrun, notification can be sent via eMail or SMS.   Read

Revisioning functions

Revision-secure document management and the steering of documents, including a release procedure, can be elegantly put into practice with the help of the Process Manager.   Read

Facility management and helpdesk

Maintenance of technical facilities and their timely execution can be supported using appropriate workflow designs. Expiring maintenance contracts with external firms can also be made to send automated notices.   Read
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