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With the new Intrexx Xtreme version 4.5 the software manufacturer United Planet is further developing its position as technology leader in the field of portal software. Impressive new features make Intrexx Xtreme even more powerful and flexible.

Replicate user data objects of existing LDAP servers with the re-designed user management of Intrexx Xtreme 4.5.

The integration of Groovy delivers a flexible interface to create even most complex business processes. This dynamic and very easy-to-handle programming language makes it possible to create Intrexx applications more flexibly than was previously the case. For example calculations and loops can now be programmed very easily.

With the new Business Adapter for Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files stored in the portal can be quickly opened, edited and stored again in the portal bypassing the browser with the previously required download and upload mechanisms. Unlike most other portal solutions, the integration of Office documents with Intrexx Xtreme is already possible as from the 2003 version of MS Office. This saves customers a lot of money as an upgrade to MS Office 2007 is not necessary with Intrexx.

New features (excerpt)

Improved user management

User management has been completely redesigned in Intrexx Xtreme 4.5. You can now replicate your existing LDAP server’s user management along with all its objects, even user-defined objects. Plus you can now structure organizational units, groups and roles in the portal exactly the same as you would in an LDAP system.

For example, now you can also save a user right in a branch of the organizational structure. Organizational units can also include groups now. In addition, you can store additional fields for users – you can even use different data types.

The new user management structure also gives you more control when you select mailing lists. Not only can you assign users, groups and organizational units quickly and easily, now you can also create new mailing lists and assign them with authorizations right in your browser. In addition, now user management also allows you to define which language the portal should start when a user logs on.  Read

More application flexibility thanks to Groovy

Groovy integration is the start of something new. This dynamic, easy-to-use programming language can now be used to make Intrexx applications more flexible than ever before. What used to fill up a whole page with JavaScript now only takes up a few lines with Groovy.

Plus Groovy is considered to be better integrated than most other JVM (Java Virtual Machine) scripting languages. This makes it easier to use existing libraries while also allowing you to use Groovy objects and classes in Java.

With Groovy in the process manager you have an incredibly flexible interface to take care of even the most complex tasks.   Read

Dependant Selection Lists

With Intrexx Xtreme version 4.5 the creation of dependant selection lists has been simplified dramatically. More comfortable dialogues in the Application Designer allow the definition of such dependant selection lists. Once a value changes in a certain selection list the value of a dependant selection list changes automatically. This functionality works in any number of layers. If a user selects a certain country the selection list with states/counties will automatically show only the relevant entries.  Read

Optimized application import/export

Many customers are running two portal environments with Intrexx Xtreme: a test system, as well as a live system. The new import function can easily transport applications and can even import cyclic dependencies. The new import function is a huge improvement for company staging processes.  Read

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