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The new Intrexx

For more efficiency in the company

Develop even faster

We have given Intrexx a completely new user interface with which you can build applications even faster. With the new Intrexx not only can you reach your target faster than with traditional software, you also need far less programming code. Thus, even "non-programmers" can create applications.

Many new applications

Besides the typical applications of an intranet or enterprise portal, with Intrexx 7 you now have an unlimited number of new applications at your disposal – whether for PCs or mobile devices. Functions previously only found in ERP software can now be created in Intrexx with just a click of the mouse.

Intrexx 7

Groundbreaking new functions


"He who can calculate has an advantage"
The Intrexx formula editor allows the creation of calculations in forms in the portal manager for the first time.
The effort is considerably reduced, since formulas can be stored without any programming and with a simple mouse click or drag and drop directly within Intrexx.
Beside view elements for calculations, sub-totals, cumulative values and total sum can also be displayed under tables. Of course column values can also be displayed.
That allows you to save considerable time and costs as well as offering you more flexible availability of calculated data.

In the following example, we show you how you can perform a few steps in an existing application calculations.

Example: Feature “calculation”

Representation of an Intrexx calculation-based task administration:

1. Select the application and create table view
In the sample application for task management, after opening the application (see Figure 1) set up a table view that displays all tasks clearly (see Figure 2).

With the arrow, go to the next step    
2. Create the calculation in table view

Under properties, you can create new footers (see Figure 3a) and define new rows (see Figure 3b). In each cell you have the option to insert calculations in a formula editor (see next step).
3. Edit the formula from the library
In the formula editor, you can select the predefined formula from the library (see Figure 4a and 4b). In the example, the total plan outlay of a task is calculated (see 4c), which is ultimately shown in the footer. Intrexx can access calculations on stored values and calculations already used. Values, which were passed by request value, session variable or value system, can also be processed.

4. Results table with completed calculation
In the last step, you can retrieve the result in the browser. The result of the calculation can be found in the footer of the table, the total plan outlay of the task is 61 hours. Calculations can be carried out flexibly in input pages in addition to the view pages. Above the table is a summary of the tasks, which is calculated according to the current processing status (complete, new and in progress).

Calendar / Resource controls

The new calendar / resource control contains even more modern, user-friendly application layouts which are child's play to work with.
Each employee can put together his own calendar view according to his needs. This way, appointments can be imported and exported and various types of appointments (e.g. public holidays) can be color-coded.
All resources are monitored by collision testing – meaning that faulty or redundant calendar entries are not in Intrexx, since they are immediately reported.
The whole thing is of course, as always, also available for mobile devices.

File Handling

The time-consuming single file uploading is now history!
The new Intrexx file selection allows the upload of multiple files simultaneously. The effort is considerably reduced, since it is no longer necessary to handle each document individually. Thus, for example, files selected from Windows Explorer can be instantly copied to the web solution using drag & drop.
Individual locations, file types and maximum sizes can be defined easily. The general level of user acceptance is increased through improved usability.

Document generation (PDF generation)

With the document generation feature, all of the view pages in the portal can now be converted to PDFs. Thus, users can very simply create certificates, forms, short letters, etc., with just a few clicks, and print them directly.

Thereby Intrexx offers any number of design and formatting possibilities, which make the complex conversion to other formats unnecessary. In addition, documents can be created and stored via an automated process with customized procedures. Thus, for example, certificates can be created completely automatically, without any need for programming.

Creation of charts and diagrams

Intrexx 7 contains a number of new, interactive and dynamic chart types.
Both the zoom and the export function are new and unique.
In addition to the chart types, Intrexx offers, as a "gimmick", a visually appealing speedometer control. Tables that used to be difficult to read are now history thanks to the new graphical solution, which is, as always, also available for mobile devices.

Password validation / Security policies

With the password validation, comprehensive rules for password security can be defined. Security policies, such as the expiration period of the password and specific rules for secure passwords can thus be defined. Secure authentication is fully guaranteed at Intrexx.


With OData the exchange of data takes place in a modern and simple way. A wizard can quickly and easily create OData services that can be used in any other systems. This simple approach to data exchange between systems can, for example, cover customer information and data sheets recorded in the internal portal and transferred to an existing extranet via OData. The information no longer needs to be input several times, so that the duplicate data entry and data maintenance is eliminated and the amount of possible errors reduced.

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