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The new Intrexx

Intrexx 8 - Activate Your Business

Activate Your Business
EOL Intrexx 8

Digitalization is advancing with great strides. This requires the use of modern software.
With Intrexx 8, you won’t miss your connection anymore.
With the new benefits, the Digital Workplace is within reach.

Your new Intrexx

With new functions to facilitate your work

With its new features, Intrexx 8 supports you even more actively in creating modern portals, intranets, extranets and web applications.
Practical design

Practical design

Thanks to responsive design, all of your applications now look even better, on any display. On the tablet of the sales rep making a presentation at a customer. When colleagues show one another the current status of their project on their smartphones. Always. Convert your design to responsive and it will adapt itself to any screen-size.
Don’t just search, find!

Don’t just search, find!

The search function has been upgraded from the ground up. You'll find exactly what you're looking for - in various languages. Even with spelling mistakes. Across the entire intranet or in individual applications. Corresponding search term suggestions show you the way. The Statistics function provides you with an overview of the search trends in your business. The new technical foundation of the search is future-proof and improves the stability of your portal server.
As easy as pie

As easy as pie

Creating applications has been made even easier for you.
New tools, such as savable components and guides in the Application Designer, make your work simpler. You've never intrexxed so quickly.
Global instead of local

Global, instead of local

You'd like to have a multilingual intranet?
The new features can help you with that. Words used again and again need only be translated once and made into language constants. Implementing these makes translating easier than ever before. If you don’t want to translate yourself, use the new translation help.
Tagging with Intrexx 8


Social Media uses it, now Intrexx does as well. The hashtag. Use the hash (pound) key to create new search categories and to label text fields. Use hashtags as an intelligent filter and improve your search results.

“When we say service, we mean service”

Always and automatically stay up-to-date with the Software Service Contract

Your benefits:

  • All Intrexx updates included
  • Any amount of support tickets via phone or email
  • Unlimited testing of all applications and connectors from United Planet
  • And much more...

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