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mQuest® App for Intrexx

The offline app mQuest® makes Intrexx applications mobile and provides a powerful tool for digitalizing any mobile processes. Intrexx is the hub for all data, documents and processes and transfers the resulting tasks directly to the mQuest® app for Intrexx.

This combination makes lengthy or inconvenient workflows more efficient and smarter, for example by using mobile offline forms on smartphones or tablets. As a result, you can collect mobile data, assign service or maintenance tasks purposefully and document audits and quality checks quickly, simply and efficiently on site.
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Benefits of the mQuest® app

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Thanks to digital checklists and forms, collecting mobile data has never been easier. The recorded data is available immediately after synchronization.
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Service and maintenance assignments can be planned, controlled and carried out easily. Additional information can be added to the forms as needed. This means that field staff have all the information at their fingertips at all times.
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The performance, documentation and evaluation of audits of all kinds are lastingly improved thanks to digital data acquisition.
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The entire field service can be managed thanks to the integrated assignment management and the ability to roll out checklists and forms on a time-controlled basis.
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There is a complete logging of all test-relevant points. The test reports can be accessed from anywhere and can be sent automatically.
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Suitable surveys can be created at any time and published via the app. This makes conducting surveys and collecting feedback extremely straightforward.

With mQuest® and Intrexx, we can model our entire communication with subcontractors and customers digitally and for mobile devices. Furthermore, the smart combination of two established solutions made the implementation and rollout incredibly quick, simple and cost-effective.

Bernhard Ehrenstrasser, Business Navigation Manager,
Swedish furniture giant in Austria

Intrexx Partner cluetec

Would you like more information?

cluetec GmbH developed mQuest® for Intrexx. Our partner is happy to answer your questions.

Wilhelm-Schickard-Str. 9
76131 Karlsruhe | Deutschland

Tel.: +49 721 83179-0
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