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You can find help for your first steps with Intrexx under "First steps with Intrexx", so you can quickly find your way around after you have started your trial period.

myIntrexx2B - Everything and everyone in one place

The low-code development software Intrexx allows you to create individual extranet solutions at incredible speed and with minimal coding. Include customers, partners and service providers in your business processes to take your service quality to the next level.

Test all of the benefits of Intrexx and immediately see the applications, which you have developed in the back end with Intrexx, in your front end. In addition, you can discover all the highlights of the new myIntrexx2B demo portal, which you gain access to as soon as you have requested your trial.

Extranet made easy

Request your trial and gain access to the new myIntrexx2B demo portal

Your benefits of Intrexx in the cloud


Top-level data protection! Save your data on your server and behind your own firewall.

Up to date

Always up to date thanks to regularly installed online updates.


Full access to all functions in the browser and on any end device - anywhere in the world.


Maximum flexibility thanks to its customizability and wide range of connectors.


Continuous improvement of the cloud version for all your requirements of tomorrow.

myIntrexx2B - next level of a demo portal

The webinar for the new demo portal

Hosted in Germany:

Data center

ISO 20000


ISO 27001


ISO 9001

Secure data center in Germany. Certified to ISO20000 (Service Management), ISO 27001 (Security Management), and ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

More than 5,000 companies have put their trust in Intrexx

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