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United Planet focuses on a new release strategy

Rolling releases instead of rigid versions: Intrexx gets even more flexible

Pressemitteilung Nr. 06-2021
Users of the low-code platform Intrexx will benefit from new features even faster in the future: As of now, they have the option of getting regular updates with new functions in the form of rolling releases. The old version names have had their day – there are now two release tracks instead: Steady Track and Silent Track.

Freiburg, October 12, 2021. Tried and tested structures are a good thing – but only if you regularly look at whether there is room for improvement. The software developer United Planet has taken this philosophy to heart and now enables its customers to switch to flexible rolling releases instead of rigid release cycles.

This means that new features and functions can be used as soon as they are released. In this way, United Planet significantly increases the flexibility of the low-code platform Intrexx.

“We are convinced that we are making Intrexx even more attractive for our customers with the transition to rolling releases. The new structure is more in step with the fast-paced times and offers our customers the best possible performance and functionality at all times,", says Katrin Beuthner, Managing Director of United Planet GmbH.

Steady or Silent? The customers can choose

However, the switch to rolling releases is not a must for United Planet customers. Those who choose can also get new features and functions on an annual basis. So Intrexxers now have the choice between two release tracks: the Steady Track and the Silent Track.

The Steady Track is the new, more flexible option that is now available for Intrexx. True to the motto “Ready, Steady, Go”, new features and functions will be automatically available for download in the Portal Manager as soon as they are completed. This allows users to benefit from new low-code software developments even sooner.

If you switch to the new Steady Track now, you can already look forward to four new features that have been added since version 21.03 was released in March 2021:
  • New installer
    Thanks to the new installer, updates are easier than ever. In-stead of downloading updates via a manual setup, users can now obtain them directly via the Portal Manager or the con-sole. This saves them a lot of time and effort.

  • Customizable and update-proof login
    The new login module in the Steady Track gives users even more flexibility in designing the login, even if they are using external identity providers. Adjustments made to the login module will remain intact even after an update.

  • New style classes
    The new style classes for the tile view of view pages in free layout tables significantly improve the user experience of Intrexx. This gives users even more flexibility and options for designing layouts.

  • Support for international emails
    With the Steady Track, users can validate international email addresses using a regular expression. In this way, users no longer have to rely on cumbersome work­arounds and can easily enter contacts from all kinds of countries with their correct spelling.
Moreover, several other new features and functions for the Steady Track are already in the pipeline. Switching to the Steady Track is therefore already worthwhile.

21.03 becomes the Silent Track

The Silent Track is the option for users who would only like to continue to receive new features and functions for Intrexx on an annual basis. Only one thing will change for Silent Track users: the name. The current version, previously Intrexx 21.03, is now called the Silent Track.

Those who download Intrexx via the Silent Track will receive a monthly update with patches as usual. New features and functions are released once a year: This is when a major update for Silent Track is released, containing all the new features of the past 12 months.

Anyone who doesn’t want to wait that long can switch from the Silent Track to the Steady Track at any time – new features are available there as soon as they are available, without any delay.

More information about the new Intrexx release strategy:

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