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SAP and United Planet Link Portal Systems to ERP Systems for Medium-Sized-Businesses

Together with its partner SAP United Planet has developed a role-based Dashboard for SAP Business One. The software Development Kit (SDK) and Intrexx allow for real-time provisions of data from SAP Business One in the form of Portlets or Dashboards within the Enterprise Portal. Thus each employee and team is provided with the data required in order to perform duties at high speed. Consequently, processing time and costs are reduced, while productivity is increased.

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United Planet and Oracle Address the Middle Segment of the Future Together

The strategic cooperation with Oracle in the database segment provides great benefits to customers. Oracle databases deliver quick reaction times, reduce costly downtimes, and offer the highest quality of service. Along with technological exchange between the development departments of both software producers, consultants for Oracle and United Planet support the customers together on location.

Mummert Consulting Develops with Intrexx

After Mummert already introduced the portal in 2004 for the state government of Lower Saxony based on the Intrexx portal platform with great success, a web-based solution was developed with Intrexx in 2005 for the area of "Day Care Management" for large cities (>80,000 residents) with support from United Planet as well. The system consists of an internal portal, which is accessible to all concerned (city, institution, facilities…) and contains, among other items, contact data, target numbers, identification codes, duty rosters, and so on. The economic advantage of the portal results from the ability to consolidate all day cares into one place, and therefore be able to manage them centrally. The home page for this system is an area, accessible to all citizens, through which the parents can find the appropriate facility for their children, and there sign up or sign out directly.

Mummert Consulting is, with about 1,000 employees, one of the leading consulting firms in Germany, with specialties (among others) in banking, insurance, and public service.

Red Hat Ready

United Planet is intensifying its partnership with Red Hat, international market leaders providing Linux- and Open Source-Solutions in the form of a Red Hat Ready Partnership. Intrexx has been certified by Red Hat and thus is available to all Red Hat customers as Intrexx RPM (Red Hat Package Manager). With RPM the installation, uninstallation and administration of Intrexx on Red Hat Server Systems is now ready for a quick and easy use.

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