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Social Intranet 2020

Today, the Social Intranet is one of the most important tools in the company to simplify and improve internal communication. And it awakens the joy of collaboration. A new study by the School for Communication and Management (SCM) and United Planet GmbH makes this clear.

More than 110 communication experts took part in the survey and show how internal communication is doing in their companies.

In addition to the results of the survey, this Social Intranet Study also includes trends, topics and tips on the introduction of a Social Intranet solution, as well as exciting technical articles and a 7-step plan to get your company off to a good start.

Extract from the Social Intranet Study 2020

TRENDS – TOPICS – TIPS - Social Intranet 2020
  • Study results on the topic of Social Intranet 2018
  • How your Social Intranet offers real added value
  • The 7-step plan to your Social Intranet Social Intranet Guidelines - First aid for community managers
  • Outlook: The future of work

  • Trend Monitor Internal Communications 2019
  • The Direct Link: Social Intranet as an instrument for management
  • Screenshots von Intrexx Share

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