Digital working in the 21st century

Digitales Arbeiten im 21. Jahrhundert

Digital collaboration and internal communication

What does digital working mean in the 21st century? What is the status of the introduction of Digital Workplace solutions in 2017? Which goals are being pursued where these solutions have already been implemented? And which tools and trends can the internal communication expect in the coming years?

The social intranet is one of the central business tools for exchanging information and knowledge today. And it gets people excited about working together. These are two of the results from the new study from the School for Communication and Management (SCM) and United Planet.

In the survey, 75 experts gave their opinion about a variety of topics regarding the internal communication. A little more than 60 percent of these come from companies with more than 500 employees.

As well as the survey results, you'll also find exciting articles with everything intranet, social intranet and Digital Workplace in the Pocket Guide "Digital Working in the 21st century".

Excerpt from the Pocket Guide "Digital working"

Pocket Guide Digital Working

Excerpt from the Pocket Guide "Digital working"

  • Results from the study into the subject of social intranet
  • Digital working - Status quo
  • Articles from users and experts
  • The perfect solution for your social intranet
  • Perspective: How will we work together in 10 years?

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