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Process automation with Intrexx

Automate processes easily and efficiently

What is process automation?

Business processes are performed every day in companies. Business processes that play an important role in the supply chain. Business processes that are repeated regularly.

These processes are performed more easily, quickly and with less errors, when they are automated. Here, employees and company data are incorporated in the process chain and directed through the procedure. Now, everyone always knows what needs to be done – thanks to time-controlled and action-controlled processes. This leads to smooth processes.

Greater efficiency by automating workflows.

What does process automation achieve?

Process automation plays a part in achieving the company’s aims. How is that done? By modelling the supply chain in automated workflows and thus making them more efficient. No one forgets tasks anymore. The number of errors is reduced. Duplication of work is avoided. Und everyone has more time to focus on the most important tasks. Increasing efficiency is practically hard-wired.

Optimized business process management – increased efficiency.

Unlimited ways to automate processes.

Unlimited options

There are almost an unlimited number of ways to automate processes – and thus to work more efficiently.

For example, shorten waiting times thanks to automated approval procedures. Reminders for colleagues about upcoming project tasks ensure that nothing falls by the wayside. Annual leave requests can be created cross-department – without paper and rapidly. Data transfers from other software systems into the intranet can be automated and this saves time as data doesn’t need to be entered by hand.

Model your own individual, automated processes – you’ll save both time and money.

Your solution: Intrexx

No other solution can automate processes like Intrexx.

With it, you can model your business processes easily, speedily and electronically. Those involved know where they fit into the process – regardless of where they are – and all of that without any programming knowledge.

“The Process Manager from Intrexx has already proven itself useful to us on many occasions. With it, mapping processes in the portal is unbelievably quick and simple. It has definitely saved us work and spared us frustration.”

Thomas Hofbauer, Chief Information Officer, WEKO Wohnen GmbH

Case study: WEKO Wohnen

Case study: WEKO Wohnen

Knowledge exchange and process reliability in retail

Intrexx maps the processes of multiple business divisions ranging from sales and administration to business management. Internal workflows can be handled much more flexibly and efficiently. Customer support was simplified by enabling the salesmen to enter all of the specifications into the portal for custom-made products. The calculated sales price is shown immediately.

Case study: Bureau for economics and employment services of the canton of Solothurn

Case study: Bureau for economics and employment services of the canton of Solothurn

Handle the application process quickly and transparently using an extranet portal

The entire application process is handled electronically via the portal. The applicants fill out their application for a grant in the extranet portal and promptly receive a PDF document of this application with the projected grant sum via email. If the application is accepted, then an approval letter is automatically created that is sent to the applicant with an acceptance protocol. After the remediation measures are completed, the process of transferring the application amount is set in motion.

You’d like to know more? Experienced specialists are happy to help and will show you how easy it is to optimize processes with Intrexx.

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