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Low Code Convention 2021 BG
"No person shall be disfavored because of disability."
- Article 3 of the Basic Law

Digital accessibility enables all users to access the Internet or digital applications. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), on which the Accessible Information Technology Ordinance (BITV) is also based, serve as the foundation. In Germany, compliance with the ordinance is checked for web offerings by a certified testing body via a so-called "BITV test".

Who is this issue relevant to?

Accessibility provides a lot of added value for everyone:
  • Reach a larger target audience
  • Increase machine readability by following many standards
  • Improve software design and maintenance
  • Guarantee information security
  • Make software more ergonomic
Based on the EU Directive EU-2016/2102, which has been in force since September 23, 2018, almost the entire public sector in Germany is obliged to meet the legal requirements for accessibility in online applications: Federal, state and local governments, as well as legal entities under public and private law, organizations and companies whose duties are in the general interest.

More will happen in the coming years as a result of the European Accessibility Act (EAA): Next, electronic commerce (e- commerce) and banking services will be required to provide an accessible online experience. But many private companies are missing out on a huge potential: a target group of over one million users is being overlooked because many private companies are not addressing the issue.
Digital accessibility

What is at stake if you don't address it?

  • Users can report barriers to the monitoring body
  • Warnings and disciplinary proceedings are conceivable
  • In the worst case, public exposure in reports and coverage
  • Lawsuits by legitimate associations for implementation
  • Implementation deadlines and obligations for individual bodies in the context of monitoring the directive, as well as infringement proceedings by the EU Commission

How is accessibility implemented step by step?

Intrexx is a low-code development platform that provides an ideal basis for customized digital portals and meets the highest requirements and standards. The implementation of digital accessibility is another example of how low-code moves companies forward.

QuinScape GmbH
, Intrexx Gold Partner, can assist you in providing digital accessibility on your Intrexx portals. As a testing body for BITV tests and member of the expert committee of "BIT inklusiv", QuinScape tests, consults, verifies, trains, and implements digital accessibility as well as advises on the development of new standard testing procedures. In addition, as an IT service provider and four-time "Gold Partner" of Intrexx, QuinScape has been a competent partner in accessible information technology for private companies as well as public institutions for over ten years.

Even a single measure can bring about noticeable improvements in many areas.

As a result, barriers on your Intrexx portals can be removed step by step:

1. Training and workshops
All stakeholders (responsible parties, political representatives, developers, IT service providers and partners) are made aware.

2. Development-accompanying test
A BITV tester conducts a test and provides its results with recommendations for action.

3. Consulting during development (before or after the first test)
During development, questions are answered and solutions are found together and can be implemented quickly.

4. Final test with test report
A so-called delta test or final test, which, when successfully completed, awards a stamp of approval to the test object that officially confirms accessibility.

5. Certification and stamp and applicable accessibility declaration
The test report of the final test can be published together with the accessibility declaration (optimized for your federal state).

6. Hypercare
Support for new or further development of features, participation or creation of tenders.
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How QuinScape supports you:


Diploma BITV-Tests Icon
BITV tests
As an officially recognized testing body, QuinScape conducts BITV tests for Intrexx portals, web offerings, application software, mobile solutions as well as for documents.
Microskop Entwicklungsbegleitung und Beratung Icon
Development support and consultation
The developmental test is recommended to identify and correct existing deficiencies. This means that a good result can be achieved in a later test, such as the final test.
Icon Vor-Evaluierung, Schnelltests und Analyse
Pre-evaluation, rapid testing and analysis
In a consultative approach, QuinScape conducts a pre-evaluation together with you. This can be done, for example, in a live check workshop together with you and/or the service provider where QuinScape identifies the biggest barriers.
Softwareergonomie Icon
Software ergonomics
Upon request, QuinScape can also review your Intrexx portal in terms of software ergonomics and provide recommendations for action to improve usability and user acceptance.
Icon - Deutsch & Englischkurse
Training courses
QuinScape conducts training courses, workshops with different target groups in a tangible way and with many practical examples: From awareness raising for political representatives or responsible persons to technical advice for technicians and developers.
Icon Dokument Document File
Accessible PDF documents and other file formats? No problem - whether for testing or training, QuinScape is at your side.
Icon Auszeichnung Award Preis Gold Partner
Intrexx Gold Partner four times in a row ...
... since the program has been around. QuinScape speaks the same language.
Icon Pen Füller Feder Tinte ink Hilfe bei Ausschreibungen
Help with tenders
As a consulting partner, QuinScape helps you to formulate Digital Accessibility RFPs correctly, shows you what to look for or helps you with their awards to significantly increase your chances in a tender.

In good hands: Testers and qualifications

Consultation and testing is performed by a team consisting of qualified user experience engineers and trained and recognized BIK BITV testers. QuinScape is recognized as an official testing body and certified competence center for accessible IT.

QuinScapes testers:
  • Are trained as graphic designers, media designers or media computer scientists
  • Have many years of experience working with software development in complex, agile software development projects
  • Are certified according to UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)
  • Possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in the context of BITV
Quality Award

"With QuinScape on our side, we have implemented our new intranet, which is functionally state-of-the-art while also meeting the highest standards of design and accessibility."

– Florian Lanz (Head of Communications at GKV-Spitzenverband)

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