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Intrexx success story: Health services

Euregio-Klinik Grafschaft Bentheim Holding GmbH

"After introducing the Intrexx portal, manual and confusing document filing is now a thing of the past. This has led to sustainable time and cost savings."

Christine Wolf-Geibies, Quality Management Representative

All documents to hand thanks to smart clinic portal

Use case: Intranet
Industries: Health services
Products: Content Management System for Intrexx, Document Management for Intrexx
Partner: ipro consulting GmbH

Euregio-Klinik Grafschaft Bentheim Holding GmbH ensures and improves the quality of treatment and care for the population of the county and the region. To simplify the management of QM documents and make it more transparent, the clinic introduced an intranet. This now ensures sustainable time and cost savings. And creating the portal took just one week.

Before: emails, Excel and paper

Before Intrexx was introduced, administrating and processing documents cost the Euregio Clinics a lot of time and effort. This is because within the framework of quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, all documents that were used as internal specifications in the clinic were registered and standardized and unified in accordance with QM regulations. These documents, totaling approximately 500, were reviewed and approved one by one by the responsible departments in their current version.

Documents that were approved were usually sent to the employees concerned by email or on paper. At the same time, the documents were stored on a file server. For a long time, this time-consuming process of checking, approving and distributing documents was organized by two employees from the QM department with the help of an Excel list; this resulted in an enormously high workload for the employees due to the large number of documents. At the same time, it was very confusing for the clinic staff looking for a document to find it in the file server's administrative structure. To reduce the high time consumption, they looked for a software solution for document management. Furthermore, an intranet was needed to exchange knowledge and information. Consequently, the Euregio Clinic opted for the low-code platform Intrexx.

One week between the introduction and the finished portal

Once Intrexx was introduced, the implementation of the new portal could begin quickly. Here, the Euregio Clinics benefited from the flexibility and speed provided by low-code: Thanks to a variety of ready-to-use web applications and simple customizability, an individual portal could be built in a short time. As a result, the Intrexx portal was introduced at the Euregio Clinic in just one week.

The first step was to address the requirements of the Euregio Clinic. Afterwards, the portal was customized according to the customer's wishes, installed on a server, and set up by the consultants of Intrexx partner ipro Consulting GmbH within a few days. Finally, there was a short briefing for the Euregio Clinic staff.

After: More clarity for employees with guaranteed high quality

The created portal contains the application "Intrexx Document Management", which now considerably simplifies the management of existing and new documents. Compared to the previously very time-consuming manual document management, the effort required has been significantly reduced thanks to the new solution. Furthermore, before the system was replaced, numerous identical documents were stored in different places at the same time, causing a great deal of maintenance work. This, too, has now come to an end as all documents of the Euregio Clinic are stored in a central application and are available throughout the company. Using the integrated user management system, the clinic can now determine access permissions with just a few clicks and configure them optimally.

Together with the introduction of the Document Management System, the intranet of the Euregio Clinic was also moved to Intrexx. With the "Intrexx CMS" application, a clinic portal was set up just as quickly and easily as with the document management system, where employees can now create articles and custom pages and publish them on the intranet. Euregio Clinic staff can also add files from other applications or links - be it Flash content, tables or images. The intranet was divided into different areas, where the individual departments of the clinic can now create and maintain their own content. To guarantee the quality and relevance of each article, each article is approved by a predefined person before it is published.

Leaner processes, greater clarity

The new intranet has sustainably simplified document management at the Euregio Clinics. After introducing the portal, manual and confusing document filing is now a thing of the past. This has led to sustainable time and cost savings. Additional investments in the IT landscape of the Euregio Clinic were not necessary because with Intrexx, the software is accessed directly via the web browser and therefore no additional software had to be installed on the users' computers. Due to the usability, the number of employees who can independently manage and maintain the system is constantly increasing. At the same time, hospital employees' acceptance of the intranet is very high as the information they are looking for can now be found quickly and clearly.

The Highlights

  • Very fast introduction
  • Clear document management
  • Time savings because information can be found quickly
  • No further investments in the IT landscape were necessary thanks to low-code

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