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Intrexx success story: Finance

Volksbank Kurpfalz H + G BANK

Optimized work processes with an intranet portal

Use case: Data integration
Industries: Finance
Products: Connector for IBM Lotus Notes, Connector for OData

As a cooperative bank, the Volksbank Kurpfalz has stood for customer service and expertise since 1858 – for private as well as corporate customers. More than 400 dedicated employees, 39 of which are trainees, take care of the 79,500 customers and 42,000 members. The bank is open to new media and uses social media for external and internal communications. The social intranet based on the software, Intrexx, is therefore a key component of their internal communication.

The aim of introducing the social intranet was faster and more direct communication within the whole company – at the department and branch level. An important aspect of this was providing employees with all data and documents on one platform. The new digital solution was integrated seamlessly into the established employee portal by digitalizing existing paper-based processes and benefiting from electronic workflows.

The Volksbank Kurpfalz uses the software certified by FIDUCIA IT AG, Intrexx from United Planet. This enables a digital workplace to be created quickly: Applications can be developed very flexibly and adjusted to the individual requirements.

“Our experience was very positive, therefore we wanted to approach a social intranet project with Intrexx,“ says Isabell Boos, Head of Marketing at the Volksbank Kurpfalz. They made their intranet social with the aid of the application Intrexx Share.

In their Share news feed, the employees view up-to-date posts from groups and applications. In the “Kurpfalz Blog“, which is also part of the low-code platform Intrexx, information about new documents is provided and a wide variety of information from each area is published, such as task assignments or offers from the corporate preventative healthcare scheme. Thus, every employee finds the information most important to them in just a few clicks.

Ms. Boos describes the digital project groups as a particularly valuable aspect. All group members have the same level of information with this function. As a result, decisions are made more quickly and communication is more transparent; this in turn leads to shortened meeting times.

  • Simplified work processes, thanks to low-code
  • Automated and accelerated workflows
  • Key data and documents are presented clearly
  • Huge time savings thanks to fast provision of information
  • Central data maintenance ensures information is always up to date

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