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Intrexx Case Study: Publishing

Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH & Co. KG

"The journey from prototype to live system is extremely short with Intrexx. We can implement new requests and applications from the specialized departments in a considerably faster way that also saves resources."

Matthias Gärtner,
Senior Project Manager IT Coordination/ Business Processes

Providing employees with current information

Industries: Publishing & media

The Verlagsgruppe (publishing group) Handelsblatt is the leading media house for economic and financial information in Germany and stands for fair, substantiated, independent and respectable quality journalism. With big brands like Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche, multiple professional publications, a broad multimedia offer and a global editorial network, the VHB has a unique place in the market for economics journalism. Service companies like iq media marketing gmbh, the leading marketer for decision-maker media, corps, the specialist publishers for corporate publishing, and many more renowned investments are all added to this.

The Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt wanted to supersede its old intranet, which was based on a static CMS, with a modern enterprise portal. The portal should support the internal business communication and optimize the procedures within the business. For that reason, they searched for software that wouldn’t just allow them to distribute content but also depict processes electronically.

During the decision process, the Freiburg portal software came out on top against Microsoft SharePoint and TYPO 3 because it, as opposed to the other solutions, provided the largest possible independence from external service providers. The new employee portal was created within a very short period of time using Intrexx and its start page was expanded to a comprehensive information cockpit. The publishing group’s approximately 760 employees are now supplied with the latest internal business news thanks to a news channel. Editorial content is integrated into the portal with a link to the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the chief editors. In addition to the internal information distribution, multiple procedures are now noticeably faster and more transparent. Some examples are: the new room reservation tool provides an overview of how conference rooms have been allocated, this leads to appointments being planned more effectively. Catering requests and room modifications can be booked at the same time as reserving and with that, the disposition and information forwarding takes place automatically – instead of the laborious method used previously of manually maintaining lists. Holiday and acquisition requests can also be handled quickly and simply in the portal.

The employees have their say - thanks to Low-Code

As well as with its manageability, the new portal was especially convincing with its flexibility and efficiency: new requests from the specialized departments can be promptly and single-handedly implemented without needing to revert to external help. With Low-Code, applications are created quickly and with little programming effort. What previously at times took half a day, only takes minutes now. Even new project staff can create applications themselves after just a short training period.

  • The information provided is up-to-date and easy to manage
  • Fast and transparent processes
  • Resources saved

Tags: Collaboration

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