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No matter in which sector you work: With the low-code platform Intrexx you have the optimal tool at hand to advance the digital transformation. See which solutions other companies have implemented with Intrexx in the most diverse areas.


Digitalize your entire value chain with Intrexx. Improve your results with smart quality management. Increase efficiency with more transparent processes and automation in all areas.

Real-life success stories

Construction & Energy

Streamline your processes and increase transparency in all areas. Simplify communication with external suppliers and service providers. With Intrexx, everything runs like clockwork at the construction site and in the energy sector.

Real-life success stories


Whether in the hospital or in life science research: Intrexx takes digitalization in the healthcare sector forward. Give your employees a clear information platform and fulfill the requirements of the German Hospitalization Act (Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz).

Real-life success stories

Banking & Financial Services

Take your business to a new level and advance digitalization. Whether in project management, contract management or knowledge exchange: Intrexx brings banks and financial institutions a decisive step forward.

Real-life success stories

Public Sector

Digitalize your administrative processes easily and quickly with Intrexx. Build a central, strategic platform for all processes and information in your agency and authority. This will create more transparency and efficiency, and put the user in focus.

Real-life success stories


Improve customer and broker loyalty with a modern, clear portal for information and documents. Create more transparency in all areas with clearly defined processes.

Real-life success stories

Non-Profit Organizations

Position yourself efficiently and future-proof with Intrexx. A digital portal creates transparency and facilitates communication. This gives you more time for what really counts: Sending donations and help where they are needed.

Real-life success stories

Education & Research

With Intrexx, you bring more transparency and structure to your operation. This makes life easier for students, teachers and researchers and is a good argument for attracting top minds to your facility.

Real-life success stories

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