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Public administrations

Ready for the future with a central portal

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Challenges for public administrations

The challenges that public administrations are facing are continuously growing. More and more they are expected to master tasks that are even more diverse. Whether the area is civil services, education or health – the administration services, which public authorities are expected to provide, are quite substantial. They need to provide more and more digital offers and processes.

Furthermore, the demographic transition is leading towards a shortage of personnel and an increased workload. Executing tasks efficiently on a daily basis is becoming increasingly difficult. A further result of the demographic transition is an enormous loss of knowledge.

Digitalize administration processes quickly and easily

Public administrations
The software solutions, which public administrations deploy, typically cannot live up to the manifold challenges. This means that numerous employees develop insular solutions based on a wide variety of programs such as Excel or Access out of necessity. As a result, an uncontrollable shadow IT develops and personal knowledge silos are supported.

This can be avoided by digitalizing all administration processes with the aid of a central, strategic integration and process platform. In the necessary step towards digitalization, investment security via scalable solutions and consolidated databases plays a central role. Intrexx as a low-code development platform enables a staff portal to be developed quickly and straightforwardly.

The benefits of a central portal in public administrations

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Administration benefits

  • Investment security via scalable solutions and consolidated data
  • Trackable process steps, increased data security and compliance
  • Consolidation of decentralized insular solutions (shadow IT) and thus reduced internal IT workload
  • Digital standardization of cross-administration processes
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Staff benefits

  • Efficient task execution thanks to an optimized user experience and improved processes
  • Ready-to-go solutions for public administrations
  • Development and expansion of area-specific applications (standalone, with external data, G2C etc.)
  • Information can be used and networked across applications
  • Diverse options to access external data from different services
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Citizen benefits

  • Modern and transparent communication (citizen accounts)                                                           
  • Improved service offer
  • Faster processing of concerns/inquiries
  • Secure data transfer (eID)

The benefits a portal based on Intrexx

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Software applications and processes can be created quickly and easily. Thanks to the drag & drop principle, you don't need a lot of IT knowledge for this. Furthermore, processes can be triggered automatically at a specific time or after a specific event.
Icon Integration
Because comprehensive data can be integrated securely, users have access to all information relevant to them in one central place. There are interfaces for MS Exchange, MS Office, Office 365, MS Sharepoint, SAP, JDBC, OData, PDV VISkompakt, eVak, IPV, Loga, Diamant, SharePoint, etc.
Icon Datenhoheit
Ensure the data souvereignty in your own house or at certified private cloud providers (e.g. at datacenters). This is made possible by an on-premise installation.
Icon Information über geänderte Daten im Portal
The portal keeps staff up-to-date about new and updated data. This means they don't have to go looking for information and enables them to respond faster.
Icon Dashboard
Dashboards can be configured to present the most important portal content meaning users can see everything they need for their work at a glance.
Icon login
Staff and external users are given personal access to the secure portal. They can be assigned to roles, groups or user-defined containers enabling them to complete their corresponding tasks efficiently.
Icon Layout und Design
The layout can be defined individually and adjusted quickly. The import and export function enables you to transfer layouts to other Intrexx portals and therefore into other public authorities.

What does a central portal consist of?

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