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Intrexx in public administrations

Well organized. Modern service provider.

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What is Intrexx?

Intrexx is an innovative portal software that's easy to learn

With Intrexx, you can model a variety of business processes in web applications allowing you to simplify and automate them. Data from different systems is gathered together on one central platform. You improve the flow of information and your employees get the information they need to work well - wherever and whenever they work.

Intrexx in your sector

More and more, public administrations want to be seen as modern service providers for their citizens and businesses. In order to provide even better services in the future, many administrations are using information systems which span organizations and processes - also known as employee portals or intranets. With Intrexx, you have the perfect solution for public administrations.

The highlights:

  • eGovernment with optimized administration processes
  • Personalized employee portal for flexible working
  • Easy to incorporate specialized procedures
  • External access for cross-locational collaboration
  • Knowledge management for well-informed employees and securing specialized knowledge
Stadt Sindelfingen

Case study: Stadt Sindelfingen

Ready for the future, thanks to modern employee portal

To make access to information quicker, the portal software, Intrexx, was introduced in just 4 months. Since then, workflows can be modelled, processes automated and new applications developed quickly.

Case study: VBV

Internal portal connects 24 locations of VBV

The VBV was looking for a software solution which could be introduced quickly, connected to other systems, individually enhanced, and with which time and costs could be clearly managed. In the meantime, Intrexx represents the central information platform and means that the information can be found quickly.
Staatliche Vermögens- und Hochbauverwaltung Baden-Württemberg VBV

Ready-made applications – tailor-made for you

Intrexx provides a variety of ready-made applications for public administrations. These can be implemented immediately and adjusted to your individual requirements. You can introduce an intranet solution quickly and with minimal effort for your personnel, leading to optimized internal processes.

The following ready-made applications have proven themselves to be especially useful in public administrations:

Professional application: Knowledge Management for Intrexx

Secure your specialized knowledge

Because of the current demographic change, up to 20% of employees will take their knowledge with them into their pension in the next five to ten years. A modern employee portal with a central knowledge management represents the cornerstone for a healthy and ready-to-act future for administrations. The professional application Knowledge Management for Intrexx is the first application from our series “Professional applications: from the administration, for the administration”. For this application, the specific requirements were established in close collaboration with customers from public administrations and then implemented together. As a result, industry specific and practically relevant functions are available to you.


Intrexx Share

Modern communication

Connecting employees across departments and locations and discovering internal expertise for certain topics is particularly important, especially for large organizational structures. This is now easier than ever before with the social business software, Intrexx Share. The application not only provides you with a variety of social collaboration features for improving communication and organization, but can also be connected to all other software systems in the company. With the simple, new way to communicate, you'll not only connect young talents to your company but you can also realize enormous increases to your productivity.

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