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Intranet & Digital Working Portal Solution

The Bank-Media Intranet & Digital Working Portal Solution includes a variety of Intrexx applications as standard. In terms of technology, the solution is closely related to the social collaboration application Intrexx Share. Both are preconfigured and ready-to-run. This allows you to create announcements, tasks or messages right from the application. 

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Document management

Based on the low-code platform Intrexx, all documents are centrally managed and stored in an audit-proof manner in the internal document management system. This allows your employees to access all digital information, checklists and documents, then edit and save them with a new version number. 

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Bank Media Projektmanagement

Project management

With the Bank-Media project management tool, you can communicate projects clearly, distribute tasks efficiently, and lead teams successfully. This makes every project a success! That's because from start to finish of the project, you'll always have a clear overview, be able to plan every step in detail, and organize all the details of your teamwork in one place. 

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The world of work is experiencing sustained and rapid change. Adjusting to digital customer needs has led to a paradigm shift among traditional financial service providers: Central information platforms instead of elaborate isolated solutions are in demand. The advantage is that all internal company information is available to employees at all times and in all places. You can then add tools for project management, contract management and social collaboration to this information platform. This gives you a modern and smart end-to-end solution that offers all the advantages of a digital workplace. The Intrexx portal solution from our partner Bank-Media is flexible in all respects, despite being preconfigured. This saves you money and means that you can use the solution immediately. The customizability also guarantees you maximum flexibility - so you are well positioned for the future.

Digital solutions for financial institutes

Examples of customer projects in financial institutions:

Basic solutions that benefit every financial institution:

  • Centralized information platform
  • Social collaboration
  • User interface designed for banks
  • Favorites menu
  • News and notifications
  • Directory
  • Staff announcements
  • News ticker for “important messages”
  • Contact details
  • Global search

Solutions specifically developed for financial institutions:

  • Portal solution
  • Project management
  • WIKI
  • HR management
  • Document administration
  • Internal ordering system
  • Ticket system
  • Contract management
  • Log management

Solutions tailored to your exact needs:

  • Loss database
  • Incoming credit register
  • Conference room design

One platform, endless possibilities

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One platform, endless possibilities

Become a single-platform digital financial institution with Intrexx

With Intrexx, you can digitalize all your institute's processes transparently and securely.

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Performance calculator

Is a social intranet an investment in the future or a financial trap? Calculate the ROI yourself and find out that a social intranet is a profitable investment for the future. You can request the performance calculator from our partner Bank-Media now!
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The advantages of a digitalized financial world

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Automated data exchange via the Agree21 API Connector

  • Bi-directional interface with the Agree21 API Connector for cooperative banks
  • Data is exchanged with write access between the core banking system and the intranet
  • Data queries and accesses by connecting the intranet portal to Agree21
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Efficient knowledge management for financial institutions

  • Know-how retention as a central challenge for the financial sector
  • Bank-internal, digital knowledge is built up via a corporate wiki
  • Documentation of all important processes and definitions in the company and making them available to all employees
  • Quick and sustainable communication of all regulatory requirements
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Onboarding new employees via the social intranet

  • To integrate new colleagues into the team, it is essential to actively involve them in all processes, workflows and decisions right from the start.
  • A social intranet facilitates the onboarding of new employees and helps with the induction process
  • Employees get answers to their questions faster and are more productive right from the start
"When it comes to digitalization, we have found an innovative and reliable partner in Bank-Media GmbH, with whom we can also successfully implement new ideas. We are very satisfied with the cooperation." 

Lothar Meyer
Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold

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A strong team

Together with our Intrexx partner Bank-Media GmbH, we support you on your digital transformation journey.

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