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Intrexx in finance

Manage information securely


What is Intrexx?

Intrexx is an innovative portal software that's easy to learn

With Intrexx, you can model a variety of business processes in web applications allowing you to simplify and automate them. Data from different systems is gathered together on one central platform. You improve the flow of information and your employees get the information they need to work well - wherever and whenever they work.

Intrexx in your sector

For banks and financial enterprises, security is of the highest priority. Sensitive data must be stored and managed securely. Banks and financial enterprises distribute information in a personalized manner. Thanks to Intrexx, employees receive important information quickly and easily.

The highlights:
  • Target-oriented, tailored information for better informed customer meetings, improved service and high-quality communication with customers
  • Transparent internal processes for optimized work processes
  • Integrate IBM Lotus Notes to quickly and easily work with data from IBM Lotus Notes
  • Certified by Fiducia for secure working that meets the industry's standards
Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt

Case study: Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt

Modern communication

With the FIDUCIA certified software, Intrexx, Volksbank eG Gera Jena Rudolstadt was able to quickly create a modern intranet portal which accelerated employee access to information and thus saved them time. Now, processes are more transparent and long search procedures are a thing of the past.

Ready-made applications – tailor-made for you

Intrexx provides a variety of ready-made applications for the financial sector. These can be implemented immediately and adjusted to your individual requirements. You can introduce an intranet solution quickly and with minimal effort for your personnel, leading to optimized internal processes.

The following ready-made applications have proven themselves to be especially useful in the financial sector:
Connector für IBM Lotus Notes

Connector for IBM Lotus Notes

Centrally provide data from IBM Lotus Notes centrally

The Connector for IBM Lotus Notes allows you to integrate data from IBM Lotus Notes databases in your enterprise portal easily. You can use that data in your applications and thus provide a new centralized point of access for the organization’s employees; this makes their work easier and faster.
Dokumentenmanagement für Intrexx

Document Management for Intrexx

Make sense of the chaos

In banks and financial enterprises, a multitude of documents, such as contracts, terms of reference etc., need to be managed. This application supports you by simplifying the editing, releasing and managing and documents. All documents will be collected in a central application and are, therefore, available throughout the company. Thanks to the clearly structured and uniform storage system, you'll always have a good overview of the documents stored. Every document can go through a pre-defined review and approval process. The document version and status can always be seen clearly. The user management regulates precisely which documents can be seen or altered, and by whom.

Intrexx Share

Modern communication

Connecting employees across departments and locations and discovering internal expertise for certain topics is particularly important, especially for large organizational structures. This is now easier than ever before with the social business software, Intrexx Share. The application not only provides you with a variety of social collaboration features for improving communication and organization, but can also be connected to all other software systems in the company. This means that employees not only receive important information from colleagues but that they also receive status updates from implemented programs - directly in their activity stream. For example, your CRM can automatically post the revenue from a new customer. With the simple, new way to communicate, you'll not only connect young talents to your company but you can also realize enormous increases to your productivity.

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