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Intrexx CIRS

The early warning system for medical treatment fields: Countless possible causes for treatment fields lurk in every hospital. The Intrexx Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) from our Intrexx partner ipro uncovers these sources of error and therefore noticeably increases patient safety. It serves as an error reporting system and consequently as an early warning system. Build a comprehensive risk management system in your hospital with Intrexx CIRS - individually configurable for each hospital!

Intrexx QM Suite 2021

Intrexx Quality Management Suite

Digitalize your entire quality management with the Intrexx Quality Management Suite - specific and quickly adaptable and expandable to your individual situation. The Intrexx QM Suite contains seven applications that you need for quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001. The applications can also be used stand-alone. 

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Document Manager Pro

According to KHZG § 19 para. 1 support item 3, the establishment of digital care and treatment documentation is eligible for support. Manage your medical and specialist documentation digitally and centrally with ipro Document Management Pro for Intrexx. Do away with the manual and confusing filing of your documents, save a lot of time and use your resources smartly. 

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Digital Clinic Portal

Economically organize all information for your clinic staff, their patients and for the public in the Digital Clinic Portal for Intrexx from our partner ipro. The portal enables you to centrally manage all your specialist applications so that your staff can get the important and up-to-date information at a glance.

A fully digital healthcare portal thanks to low-code

The Covid-19 pandemic was not the first to show that digitalization must also be further developed in hospitals in order to ensure holistic and good patient care. With the Hospital Future Act (KHZG), the legislature is now offering up to EUR 4.3 billion in funding options for investment in digitalization. The introduction of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) will become mandatory in hospitals by 01.01.2022

With Intrexx, you are relying on exactly the right software that is urgently needed in your clinic. 

We support you with specialized solutions for hospitals based on our low-code development platform Intrexx so that you can continue to provide optimal patient care in your hospital while keeping control of your IT.  

Digitalize your hospital sustainably: quickly, easily, cost-effectively and flexibly for the future! 

800 hrs/year time saved and 24,000€ costs saved

thanks to digital and centralized resource management, e.g. of clinic staff or pharmaceuticals.

3000 hrs/year less administrative work

thansk to smart auditing.

50,000€/year reduced printing costs

thanks to efficient management of medical and professional documents.

The advantages of a digitalized hospital with Intrexx

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ONE solution instead of lots

  • Important, up-to-date information from different applications or systems at a glance in a single interface in the clinic portal 
  • Automated and clear filing of various documents, pharmaceuticals, invoices, etc.  
  • Easy integration of different systems, applications or software or docking to existing system landscapes 
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Web-based Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  • Web-based ISMS/management system for information security
  • Expandable module for module
  • Field tested with reference customers 
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On the safe side

  • Intrexx is 'Made in Germany' - which means your sensitive data is managed according to the highest security standards 
  • Individual assignment of permissions in your clinic portal 
  • Reliable support, strong partners and continuous software release roadmap 
  • Anonymization process in CIRS 
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Happy patients and a happy staff

  • Efficient coordination of patient care by automating manual processes or care flows. 
  • Smart use of resources by digitally managing schedules 
  • Transparent internal hospital communication for your employees motivates them at work 

Insightful Information on Digitalization in Healthcare

"After introducing the Intrexx portal, manual and confusing document filing is now a thing of the past. This has led to sustainable time and cost savings."

Christine Wolf-Geibies
Quality Management Representative
Euregio-Klinik Grafschaft Bentheim Holding GmbH 

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A strong team

Together with our Intrexx partner, we provide you with support on your way to a digital hospital.

Would you like to know more? We are happy to help!

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