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Identifying problems and issues at an early stage saves money! Dashboards, status messages, Andon boards and KPI evaluations help to recognize situations & trends at an early stage and to implement countermeasures. With Intrexx, you can model all of these tools tailored to your production and make them available to your employees. Shine a light into the black box!
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Quality is the be-all and end-all in manufacturing! Waste hurts and if errors are not detected, the reputation of the entire brand suffers. With Intrexx, you can conduct flexible quality management, quickly and easily create forms and also connect additional locations and maintenance services using mobile data collection. Alarms and notifications are also created in the blink of an eye.
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Data | Information | Knowledge: When working directly at the machines, it is important that everything can be accessed quickly and easily. Efficient networking of the human-machine-IT system ensures that search and downtimes are reduced, which in turn increases productivity. Lean knowledge management in production can also help to provide workers with the best possible support in your supply chain.

Sustainable digitalization leads to more transparency, quality and productivity!

Your production is a team - often a diverse, evolved over time team that ensures your company's success. For Intrexx, there are three different players: people, machines and IT systems. Intrexx helps this team as a coach: It ensures that the different players are optimally networked with each other!

Built as an open low-code platform, Intrexx enables the constant exchange of information between all players. Data from the ERP system and order planning are automatically made available on the shop floor. Employees at the machines can also access all relevant information with their mobile devices.

Sustainable digitization with Intrexx: Fast, simple, cost-effective and flexible for the future!

More digital solutions in the manufacturing industry

Basic solutions that benefit every company:

  • CRM
  • Customer history
  • Contract management
  • Order proposals (C articles)
  • Investment request
  • Leave request
  • Training library
  • Phone book, Canteen, Q&A, ...

Industry-specific solutions:

  • Quality management
  • Complaint management
  • Maintenance management
  • Visitor management
  • Production KPI visualization
  • Tool management
  • "Paperless production"
  • BANF, ...

Special and very individual solutions:

  • „Digital Twin“ / digital machine file
  • PPS
  • Production planning
  • Production monitoring
  • Supplier portal
  • Dealer/service customer portal
  • OEE determination

One platform, endless possibilities

One platform, endless possibilities

With Intrexx, your IT runs smoothly

With Intrexx, you can digitalize all your company's processes transparently and securely.

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Well positioned thanks to low-code

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Transparent production processes

  • Merging different information strands leads to more transparent production
  • Collect information from all players and personalize it
  • Presentation: Everyone sees exactly what helps them to do their job in the best possible way

Tailored digitalization

  • A ready-made solution for your production? A nice idea but not realistic in practice!
  • Implement suitable digitization solutions tailored to your own team.
  • Thanks to the toolbox principle, the projects are fast, cost-effective and yet individually tailored to your production.
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Flexible for the future

  • The magic formula for customized digitalization now and in the future is low-code!
  • With Intrexx, you''re not opting for "yet another system" but rather for a flexible and holistic platform.
  • Direct mapping of use cases, including the integration of existing systems
  • Cross-location networking that can be easily realized with Intrexx

E-papers for manufacturing

End-to-end digitalization was only possible because we introduced Intrexx in an economical and, above all, future-proof manner. With Intrexx, we already save 1700 working hours every year due to more efficient processes. And there are numerous other items on our digitization roadmap that we would like to implement with Intrexx in the future.

Michael Hammerer
Managing Director
Otto Martin Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

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Your contact for manufacturing

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