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Social intranet

Social intranet

The new way to work together

What is a social intranet?

Social collaboration, or social business, is a subject that’s not only keeping businesses busy but also reputable institutions. At the heart of this is the collaboration of people in teams, projects, or groups in a virtual space. Here, they can share documents, exchange knowledge and work solutions out together.
With social collaboration, it’s not just about a digital platform where teamwork takes place but also a transformation of the company structure which accompanies the use of the software.

The growth of sales and turnover in companies that rely on collaboration is twice as high in comparison with companies that proceed more conventionally.

Wilhelm Bauer, Executive Director Fraunhofer IAO (Institute for Labor Economics and Organization)

Working with Intrexx Share

Why social software?

According to the enterprise 2.0 guidelines of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (Federal Association of Digital Economy), “a company’s use of its own social software especially [serves] […] the creation of dialogical, transparent and inclusive processes that facilitate an organizational and managerial culture with whose help previously hidden efficiency, knowledge and innovation resources can be made useful for improving the company’s performance.”

Short and simple: By using social software, not only is the collaboration of the employees improved but also the company’s productivity.

Social collaboration helps modern companies to react flexibly. Social software provides the ability to incorporate suppliers and partners or gather colleagues’ knowledge if creativity and innovative thinking are required.

Virtual communication with social collaboration

The benefits of a social intranet

Thanks to social software, an entirely new space of action has been created. The digital platforms function synchronously to classic face-to-face communication and supplement this meaningfully. They promote innovative thinking and allow the employees to fully utilize their mental abilities.

According to the consultancy McKinsey, social collaboration can increase the productivity in a company by up to 11 percent. The IBM Institute for Business Value ascribes the potential to social business to increase employee efficiency and accelerate innovation.

Another advantage is the removal of geographical barriers. Employees can easily work together cross-location and cross-department – even while on a business trip or from their home office.

Social collaboration facilitates a flexible and goal-oriented collaboration meaning that employees (and therefore the company) can react and activate implicit knowledge.

Frank Hamm, Social Collaboration Expert

Working with social collaboration tools

Business in transition

The emerging business culture

With social collaboration software, companies can live up to the ever-changing working world. Collaboration and knowledge exchange are playing an increasingly important role as the pressure from the market to be innovative is growing. But social collaboration also means changing the business culture. The use of a social intranet enables cross-hierarchical communication at eye level.

Once the managers have lost their fear of loss of control and the employees have accustomed themselves to the new way of working together, the entire company benefits. Social collaboration is more than software but rather a part of consistent change management and an innovation-oriented business strategy.

Your solution: Intrexx Share

The social collaboration tool, Intrexx Share, transforms your intranet into a social intranet. Reduce meetings and emails, promote communication and collaboration, and raise your knowledge management to a whole new level.

“Intrexx Share has ensured that, at last, we communicate sensibly. I am particularly pleased that apparently complex problems have been resolved once and for all and the internal email traffic has been reduced by 90 percent.”

Marcel Patalon, Head of Digital Communication and CRM

Intrexx in social institutions

Case study: Katholische Jugendfürsorge der Diözese Augsburg e.V. (Catholic youth welfare Augsburg)

Person-to-person encounters are at the heart of the KJF’s work. Intrexx Share conveniently provides central services and information as well as encourage teamwork and the exchange of knowledge.

Intrexx in commerce

Case study: Megazoo

The chain store retailer was able to reduce emails by 90% with Intrexx Share. No more double order. No more extra costs for purchases, storage or logistics.


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