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What is social collaboration?

Social collaboration has created a new sphere of action.

Digital platforms work alongside and compliment classic face-to-face communication effectively. They encourage innovative thinking and enable employees to reach the full potential of their cognitive abilities

Social collaboration is about the transformation of company structures that goes hand-in-hand with the use of social intranet software.

The power of a modern social intranet

Activity stream

The activity stream is the heart of the social intranet. The entire public communication is brought together here. Staff ask questions, company experts answer them. Reminders appear. Tasks are completed directly.

User management

Every company has different user groups that require different functions. With roles-based user management, every user only sees the applications and documents that they have read and write access to. As a result, every employee has a personal interface with their information.


The social intranet lives from information. Content is user-generated, created by the communication between employees. With an integrated content management system (CMS), these posts can be created and then published in a suitable place.

Instant messaging

Instant messaging is for direct interaction between employees. Information can be obtained in the form of a direct message. Employees can communicate more informally and quickly here than via email.

Team rooms

Team rooms are digital project groups. Here, documents can be collected together and worked on together. Team rooms or groups can be used for a broad range of tasks, for example for preparing for meetings – shortening their length – or for working together on long-term projects.

Mobile availability

More and more, mobile devices are becoming a standard in companies to complete various tasks. The digital workplace - and therefore the social intranet as well has to provide all information, processes and applications for mobile devices.

The benefits of social software

Asocial intranet enables people to work together in teams, projects or groups in virtual rooms - no matter where they are or what time it is. Documents can be shared, knowledge exchanged and collaborative solutions can be developed - all from one central platform.

According to the consultancy firm McKinsey, social collaboration can increase the productivity in a company by up to 11 percent.

In a nutshell

Social Collaboration Grafik

In a nutshell

  • Fast and direct communication
  • Teamwork is made easier
  • Innovative thinking and action is facilitated
  • Documents are shared and knowledge is exchanged
  • Employee satisfaction is increased

Social intranet study

A study from the School for Communication and Management (SCM) and United Planet shows that companies, which utilize a social intranet, enrich their internal communication, encourage teamwork and increase the satisfaction of their employees.

Download the study free of charge

Your solution: Intrexx Share

The social collaboration tool, Intrexx Share, transforms your intranet into a social intranet. Reduce meetings and emails, promote communication and collaboration, and raise your knowledge management to a whole new level.

Case studies

Our numerous success stories demonstrate how our customers have implemented Intrexx. You will be surprised how versatilely one software can be deployed without becoming overloaded, unclear or complex.

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