Intrexx solution for teams

Intrexx solution for teams
The Intrexx solution for teams connects your Intrexx portal with Microsoft Teams so that you and your employees can always stay right up to date when communicating. Create a perfect symbiosis of real-time communication and distributed work in Intrexx with the Intrexx solution for teams. Organize and inform your team in no time. Start teams chats directly from Intrexx, see the teams status of colleagues in Intrexx or start meetings - all without having to leave Intrexx!


The Intrexx solution for teams connects your Intrexx portal directly with your Microsoft Teams and facilitates smooth processes from a single source.

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Create teams and channels from Intrexx and call them up from there
Create teams and channels at any point in your Intrexx applications. The connection between your application and Teams is created automatically; you can jump to the associated teams and channels interactively.
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Automatically send posts and @mentions from Intrexx to channels
Fill channels with information automatically from Intrexx. You can mention your employees and enable them to jump to the portal.
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Create and join teams meetings from Intrexx
Intrexx will organize meetings for you. Both generating invitations and joining meetings can be done seamlessly in the portal.
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See the online status of colleagues in Intrexx
Always keep an eye on which employees are currently online. A must-have for every phonebook.
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Start chats from Intrexx
Contact an employee with just one click within Intrexx. Group chats can also be started quickly - simply select the employees you want and jump right into the chat.
Intrexx solution for teams

The all-round carefree package

With Intrexx solution for teams, you get the all-round carefree package to quickly and comprehensively integrate all functions into your existing portal.
  • Application "Intrexx solution for teams"
  • Setup processes
  • Manual
  • Libraries for Groovy and JavaScript
  • Velocity callable to integrate it into applications
  • Easily installed in a few minutes

Long-term security

The Intrexx solution for teams is continuously being developed and expanded with additional features. You benefit from the obligatory Software Service Contract because the current version is included, meaning you don't have to pay extra to update.
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Would you like more information?

Our partner QuinScape GmbH would be happy to demonstrate the Intrexx solution for teams to you in the context of a personal online presentation and create an offer that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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