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Strategic partnerships

Strategische Partnerschaft

Together with our strategic partners, we are working together to achieve digital transformation and the Digital Workplace within companies.

SAP Logo
As a long-term partner and independent software developer, we develop innovative applications with access to SAP. United Planet and SAP have developed innovative applications together that can be used to seamlessly integrate data from SAP into Intrexx. This produces a wide range of options. Mobile access to SAP data is made possible, for example. Data from SAP can be integrated easily into web applications.

> www.sap.com
Microsoft Logo
For years, we have been developing solutions and services based on Microsoft technologies and for this reason, we received the Microsoft certification "Gold Application Development". Seamless integration of Intrexx into the entire software range of Microsoft is a matter of course.

M-Files Logo
The Enterprise Information Management (EIM) from M-Files improves and simplifies the way companies manage their documents and other information. With the partnership between M-Files and United Planet, the capabilities of the modern document management system from M-Files was fused with the innovative Intrexx portal technology. Thanks to this partnership, tailor-made Intrexx applications can be linked to documents from M-Files quickly and easily.

> www.m-files.com
dataglobal is a specialist for archiving solutions and the automated classification of data. With the aid of the main product, dg hyparchive, a cross-company archiving (Unified Archiving) is made possible. Using the Connector for dg hyparchive, Intrexx can be docked onto the archive with ease. Thanks to dg hyparchive and Intrexx, information and data is easy to find at all times, can be integrated into workflow-based company processes and stored securely.

> www.dataglobal.com
C. H. Beck Logo
The publisher C.H.BECK is one of the biggest and well-known names in German publishing. As a specialized publisher, C.H.BECK has access to a profound wealth of knowledge for business management, such as personnel management and employee development. The development of applications surrounding recruitment management are at the heart of the partnership between United Planet and C.H.BECK; these help companies to recruit, further and incorporate talented employees long-term.

SCM Logo
For years, we have enjoyed a close connection to the School for Communication and Management. We work together for the workplace of the future and carry out studies about the trending topics of "social intranet" and "digital working" on a regular basis.

> www.scmonline.de
Informaat Logo
The Dutch agency Informaat is an expert for strategy, UX / UI design and the development of digital products and services. Regardless of whether it concerns the analysis, consultation or strategy and implementation of all things UX or UI, Informaat is the partner for companies and organizations.

> www.informaat.nl
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