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Up-to-date studies & whitepapers

for your Digital Workplace

Social Intranet: Teamwork makes the dream work

Whitepaper: Teamwork makes the dream work

This whitepaper provides you with an insight into the world of the social intranet. It gives you information regarding the central aspects which you should consider if you’d like to put new life into your intranet.
Smells like Team Spirit

Whitepaper: Smells like team spirit

In this whitepaper, you’ll discover how you and your company can benefit from modern forms of digital collaboration.
Pocket Guide - Social Intranet

Pocket Guide - Social Intranet

The Pocket Guide - Social Intranet shows: Companies, who implement a social intranet, improve their internal communication, promote collaboration and increase employee satisfaction.
Short study: Digitalization in SMEs

Online survey – Digitalization in SMEs

In this study, you'll discover the goals of digitalization in SMEs, which departments are primarily focussing on it and how to approach the project of digitalization.
Digital working in the 21st century

Digital working in the 21st century

As well as the survey results, you'll also find exciting articles with everything intranet, social intranet and Digital Workplace in the Pocket Guide "Digital Working in the 21st century".
Titel B2B-Portale als Wachstumsbeschleuniger
More ...

B2B portals as a catalyst for growth

This whitepaper demonstrates how you can improve the collaboration with business partners with the aid of B2B portals and extranets. It will provide you with information about the benefits and basis of B2B portals.

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