Low-code development

A study by crisp RESEARCH in cooperation with Intrexx

Low-code - The tool of choice for more efficient processes

In many companies, the internal processes are clearly hopelessly sluggish and obsolete. Many are limping behind in digitalization, and solutions are urgently being sought after. This is where low-code comes into play. The new study from Crisp Research and Intrexx explains how this can be done. 150 IT and business decision-makers were interviewed about their strategy for the future. The result: low-code is the tool of choice for more efficient processes.

So much can be revealed already: There is almost no industry that cannot decisively advance its digital transformation with low-code. The study shows step-by-step how you can model your processes with low-code, put them to the test, and improve them.

At a glance: What's inside?

Low-code development study by Crisp Research

At a glance: What's inside?

  • 01 Why businesses need low-code platforms
  • 02 The digital whirlwind reaches the application landscape
  • 03 The price of good applications – development outsourcing vs insourcing?
  • 04 Next chapter low-code - businesses initiate the development paradigm
  • 05 Low-code development will be integrated deeply into the app development process
  • 06 How do businesses want to use low-code development?
  • 07 What is required for implementation?
  • 08 Low-code becomes part of corporate DNA
  • 09 Outlook and recommendations
  • 10 Methodology, sampling, and study information

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