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Asset tracking and management from the cloud

Finding objects, tracking work equipment and vehicles, taking a real-time inventory or identifying, documenting, and archiving products subject to inspection is usually time-consuming, error-prone, and thus cost-intensive.

The ability to clearly identify a product by the customer, service company, etc. is absolutely essential to handle service processes optimally and efficiently. Additionally, the manufacturer and retailers often do not have a direct customer relationship.

As a service provider for “digitalization as a service”, our partner SYFIT offers multiple solutions that aim to simplify and improve your work life and thus, significantly increase your company profits.


AYE-TRACKER is suitable for identifying and determining the location of all products and objects as well as its additional information. As a SaaS solution, AYE-TRACKER can be customized and further developed according to the needs of customers.

As a result, service processes are optimized and customer relationship between manufacturers and retailers are improved.

Aye Tracker Syfit


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Time and cost savings
Icon Satellite
Worldwide control
Process improvements
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The right technology for every application (Bluetooth Low Energy, RFID & NFC, GPS, WLAN, Narrowband IoT)

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Service processes are considerably simplified by the unique identification of objects

Fields of application

  • Identification
  • Goods & stock management
  • Goods tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Plagiarism protection
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Proof of origin (EAN code)
  • Product information or manuals
  • Service or ordering process
AyDNet_Digitale Betriebsmittelprüfung


The testing, administration, and documentation software AYE-D.NET helps you fulfil the legal obligations for the regular inspection of work and operating equipment in the simplest way possible in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health regulation. Besides, the software also enables you to achieve significant savings.

As a SaaS solution, the AYE-D.NET application can be accessed at any time and from anywhere in the world via the most common web browsers. A simple and self-explanatory interface provides customers with a quick overview of product data, test reports and documents.


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Time & cost savings in identification, activation, documentation and archiving
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No risk of confusing operating equipment subject to mandatory testing

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Mobile testing via smartphone app (iOS/Android)

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Can be integrated into existing systems

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Digital connection to the factory-made preset product information from various manufacturers

Fields of application

  • Uncomplicated digital maintenance, analysis, administration of product data, test reports and documents. Efficient test execution, automatic test reminder for legally required tests, automatically generated test reports and test protocols.
  • Digital connection to the latest product information and documents, e.g. test certificates.
  • Expandable software for various work equipment subject to audit, e.g. working platforms, roller doors, ladders, fire extinguishers, etc.

An insight into the application

Our Partner Syfit is happy to answer your questions about tracking and the digital audit of equipment.
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