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Data integration

No more insular solutions: Data integration allows you to create a hub for your company and consolidate everything important on one platform. Connect external sources such as a CRM, a document management system or your accounting department - and always keep track of everything.

Data integration is a valuable tool for companies in the widest range of industries: It unlocks synergy effects and unleashes untapped potential. In this Intrexx Uncovered, we uncover five cases for you and show you how companies have cleverly digitalized their business with data integration.

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The brochure at a glance:

  • Case 1: IPWEA Australasia - Borderless with Intrexx
  • Case 2: abConsultants - The best of both worlds
  • Case 3: University Medicine Mainz - A special challenge
  • Case 4: A&I Consulting - In the Silicon Valley of Romania
  • Case 5: Municipal Works Giessen - The perfect support

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