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Intrexx Uncovered

Discover 5 Digital Extranet Cases

For many companies, figuring out how to cooperate with customers, partners and suppliers in an efficient and cooperative manner is a great challenge. Bringing all parties together digitally with their different use cases is exciting - but not impossible! Get inspired by five case studies and find a software that fits your company. 

Uncover 5 digital Extranet cases

Exciting and smart cases from the current world of digitalization are waiting to be discovered.
Successful companies tell “uncovered” about their Extranet solutions with the low-code development software Intrexx.
Alongside detailed analyses, specialists provide an insight into the fascinating work with modern technologies to digitalize companies with Intrexx.
Intrexx Uncovered Extranet

The brochure at a glance:

  • Case 1: Journey into networking 

  • Case 2: The lunch mafia strikes back 
  • Case 3: Find the right spare part quickly 
  • Case 4: Customer service is the best proof 
  • Case 5: Investigation under roof and shelf 

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