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Get your hands on valuable knowledge. Take part in one of our free webinars all about (social) intranet, extranet, digital workplace, low-code development and Industry 4.0. These will provide you with comprehensive insider knowledge about trending topics - clear and relevant.

Webinars 2018

There is enormous potential in the optimization of manufacturing. But do you have to produce a smart factory out of thin air? No! Industry 4.0 can also be achieved in small steps, and if you are using Intrexx, you have everything you need to start straightaway.

In this webcast, Industry 4.0 Expert Hartmut Hanke will demonstrate how you can start heading in the direction of Industry 4.0 with Intrexx. Abby Brown will present alongside him and demonstrate the easy steps to take to optimize the way your company works.


  • which new features relevant for Industry 4.0 Intrexx now has to offer
  • examples for integrating production data into web applications
  • how you can increase efficiency and provide your customers with new services


Digitalization is everywhere you look. But where should companies start? One thing is certain: digital transformation is coming. Business and IT need to work closer together. Speed and versatility are becoming the key factors in respect to competing power. The answer to this fast transformation is called low-code development: create business applications and digital processes with minimal effort and code, relieve the IT and respond flexibly to changes on the market.


To discover more about the low-code approach, you can sign up for this webinar.



  • what the definition of low-code is
  • which functions a low-code development platform has
  • why low-code is the next trending topic and what benefits it can bring you
  • how low-code development works in practice

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