The Intrexx Low-Code Convention took place as a digital event. Fill out the form and watch the complete event recording.

You can expect 12 exciting presentations from speakers from 7 countries. What will they be about? About the most diverse aspects of digital transformation! Whether digital HR, smart extranet solutions, or digital process automation in manufacturing - at the Low-Code Convention, you can expect a colorful assortment of valuable insights into the manifold potential that can be realized with Intrexx as a low-code development platform.

Event: Low-Code Convention Day 1

In the 1st part of the Low-Code Convention you will see what advantages a low-code platform has, starting from internal communication to digital HR management and digital process automation.

Event: Low-Code Convention Day 2

In the 2nd part of the Low-Code Convention, you will gain deeper insights into the topic of low code. Learn how you can communicate efficiently with your external stakeholders via an extranet and how quickly new applications can be created.
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