Social Intranet: No more productivity killers

In this whitepaper, discover which benefits a social intranet can offer your company, what needs to be considered during the introduction and which functions a modern social intranet has to have today. Step-by-step, this whitepaper describes how to find the right social intranet for your company, how to prepare for the launch and get a clear project management on its feet. Furthermore, discover which connected measures you definitely shouldn't ignore after the launch.

With a modern social intranet, provide your employees with framework they need to complete their tasks quickly and securely. This allows you to strengthen your employee satisfaction and employer branding incidentally. Get your hands on 24 pages of compact knowledge now!
Whitepaper Cover
Whitepaper contents:

  • Collaboration rethought
  • The 11-point plan for a successful launch
  • Study results: Internal communication and social intranet
  • Modern functions of a social intranet
  • Turn your social intranet into a digital workplace

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