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Exemple de réussite: Administration publique

Council of Oulu Region

"With Intrexx, our internal communication has substantially improved. Forms, documents and other files distributed previously across multiple locations can now be found, accessed and jointly used with ease. ... The internal social intranet, Intrexx Share, enables us to share ideas and information about projects and matters in general while reducing the need for less important email correspondence."

Markku Lipponen,
CIO, Council of Oulu Region

Meeting employee needs with a social intranet platform

Cas d'utilisation : Collaboration
Secteurs: Administration publique
Produits: Intrexx Share, Gestion des documents pour Intrexx, Connecteur pour Microsoft Office
Partner: Verkkoasema Oy

The Council of Oulu Region is a regional political authority, responsible for the development of and representing the interests of the county. It is responsible for regional planning and general coordination of regional development programs related to national and EU structural funds. The Council oversees the interests of the people, municipality, organizations and enterprises and speaks on their behalf regarding both national and international issues.

Communication plays a central role in the Oulu region – not for nothing is the regional development plan called “Oulu Region – The region of co-operative partnerships”! Therefore, it was the regional council’s intention to strengthen internal communication. In the past, there were too many different communication channels within the administration, and information such as documents and forms were sometimes hard to find. Furthermore, the old intranet tool was extremely difficult to use.

A web-based employee portal was created using the software Intrexx from United Planet. The portal contains different portlets that provide straightforward access to news, events and also common documents in the Windows network. Using the new social intranet platform Intrexx Share, employees can exchange ideas, create notes, answer colleagues’ questions and thus, develop knowledge that benefits the whole regional council. This shared wisdom enables the regional council to bring the county forward. Not only was internal communication made easier with Intrexx but also coordination with partners and corporations. A custom-built project application, which is included in the extranet-portal and was also realized with Intrexx, enables the interchange of news, documents and project tasks between the administration and their partners. The council made a significant step for further regional development by choosing a modern and easy way to improve communication.

  • One platform that contains all the information for employees
  • Simplification of processes
  • Direct access to document templates via the DMS
  • Social intranet enables unrestricted content creation and creates rapport between employees
  • Project application for communication with partners in various projects

Verkkoasema Oy

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