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“End-to-end digitalization was only possible because we introduced Intrexx in an economical and, above all, future-proof manner.”

Michael Hammerer
Managing Director of Otto Martin

A digital turnaround implemented with ease

Cas d'utilisation : Intégration des données, Automatisation des processus
Secteurs: Fabrication
Produits: Applications individuelles, Connecteur pour OData
Partner: HWH GmbH

The machine manufacturer Otto Martin had a long digitalization wish list: There were processes in various areas of the company that were inconvenient and analog and that needed to be digitalized in good time. Thanks to the low-code platform Intrexx, it didn’t stop at wishful thinking. Little by little, more and more processes were made more efficient with digital applications. This not only makes life easier for the employees but also pays off financially: Managing Director Michael Hammerer estimates that his company has already saved about 1,700 annual work hours after just one year thanks to Intrexx.

Otto Martin is in Ottobeuren in the Allgäu region of Germany, a company with 170 employees that manufactures machines for woodworking. To record product defects, Otto Martin had three systems running in parallel: An ERP system for regular customer complaints, a ticket system for complaints over the phone, and an Excel list where internal complaints from employees and suppliers were recorded. The three systems simply ran side by side, and the data was not merged anywhere. As a result, Otto Martin employees sometimes had to record the same information several times. This was not only inconvenient but also prone to errors.

Not just a pipe dream, a real solution was implemented rapidly

Getting a quick picture of all the processes was difficult or even impossible with the existing complaints system. Therefore, Otto Martin decided to optimize this process to provide more transparency and make daily work easier for its employees. It was important for the engineering company that the new solution would not just be a pipe dream but that it would be up and running in a timely manner. In addition, they needed flexible software that could forward recorded data to other systems. They wanted to avoid another stand-alone solution that could not communicate with the other software systems in use. That’s why they chose the low-code platform Intrexx.

Flexible system for tomorrow’s requirements as well

Otto Martin Managing Director Michael Hammerer was particularly impressed by the flexibility and expandability of Intrexx: “We had numerous other topics on our digitalization roadmap. That’s why we wanted to have a system that we could use to implement a large number of the software solutions planned for the future.” This is precisely where the strength of Intrexx lies. Because thanks to low-code, a wide variety of applications can be created on the graphical user interface in a very short time, exactly as needed.

The Intrexx partner HWH built the portal for Otto Martin and created the first application. Employees were able to start testing as soon as the portal was live. After that, it took just four weeks for the solution to go live. After taking the first steps with Intrexx, Otto Martin was able to lend a hand itself: Four employees were trained in Intrexx and, thanks to low-code, have since been able to create applications completely on their own to advance digitalization in the company. Learning “how to Intrexx” was not very difficult, even without programming knowledge. As a result, the Allgäu-based company can now also rely on “citizen developers” from its own departments for its digital transformation.

Digitalization in all areas – all with one software

The first requirement, to make the complaints system more efficient and transparent, was quickly implemented. The new solution now records the data centrally on one platform – so data only needs to be entered once. Thanks to interfaces, the ERP and ticket systems automatically communicate the data to Intrexx so that up-to-date information is always available in real-time.

Once this first step was taken, numerous other points on Otto Martin’s “digitalization roadmap” were tackled with Intrexx:

  • Action Plan Management is a company-wide to-do list for employees and supervisors. Consequently, all employees have a clear picture of the current status of tasks across the company at all times.
  • Thanks to Project Tracking, deadlines are smartly coordinated and projects are controlled: employees as well as the project manager are automatically informed about deadlines that are due in the project.
  • The Parcel Shipping application prevents errors when sending parcels overseas: the packaging of the component is documented with a photo. The logistics manager receives the information in real-time and can intervene immediately if something is packaged incorrectly, for example.
  • A document management system enables clean, digital documentation of release notes, which are important for new versions of Otto Martin’s machine software.
  • With Parts Request, employees can report missing parts via tablet at their workstation. Logistics staff receive the information in real-time and can coordinate the delivery of the components. If the order is not delivered within 2 days, the logistics manager is automatically informed to take care of it.
  • Even new parts or parts from new suppliers that are not yet stored in the ERP are clearly documented with Intrexx. This allows purchasing staff to easily find and assign these types of parts.
  • Orders are cleverly processed in the Ordering application. The application automatically forwards the orders, depending on the cost center and value limit based on an individually defined approval process. This provides greater transparency for Purchasing and the orderer, as well as a simplified process since the release workflow is digitally defined and controlled by the system.
  • Other workflows, such as the ordering of office materials, a permissions request, or the approval for hosting guests, were also implemented digitally with Intrexx.

High acceptance among employees, more efficiency for the company

With Intrexx, Otto Martin has implemented a full digital turnaround in a short time. Less paper and less Excel are now used in all areas of the company. Workflows from different departments are connected on a central platform – so there are no isolated solutions but now one hub where everything comes together. Entire processes are now completely automatic: For example, when a defect report is recorded, data is written directly into the ERP via robotic process automation. Subsequently, a production order or a return is generated without any manual input being necessary.

The employees of the Allgäu-based machine manufacturer are noticing the advantages of digitalization with Intrexx in the most diverse areas of their daily work. Remarkably, the new system enjoys a high level of acceptance especially among employees who do not work full-time at a PC but are employed in production, for example. This is because Intrexx can also be comfortably controlled from a tablet and used intuitively without much training. Relying on Intrexx has also paid off financially for Otto Martin: Managing Director Michael Hammerer estimates that thanks to Intrexx, a total of 1,700 work hours are saved each year due to more efficient processes. But this is not the end of the story: the next low-code projects at Otto Martin are already in planning.


  • Own application creation thanks to low-code
  • Intrexx as the central hub for data processing
  • High acceptance among employees
  • Noticeably increased efficiency in various areas
  • Compatibility with other systems thanks to interfaces
  • Measurable financial success

Tags: Data integration, Process automation

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