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Stadtwerke Menden GmbH

“Intrexx is like our Swiss-army knife: Specific solutions for a social intranet, customer management processes or even CRM requirements can all be implemented easily and cost-effectively based on the building-block principle.”

Maria Geers, Head of Internal Communications and Strategic Marketing

Efficient handling of industry-specific processes with Intrexx

Cas d'utilisation : Automatisation des processus
Secteurs: Énergie
Produits: Applications individuelles
Partner: KI GmbH

How a social intranet can be implemented easily in a municipal utility company and how internal customer service processes are handled more efficiency in passing.

Stadtwerke Menden has been a municipal utility company for the town of Menden in the Sauerland region since its founding in 1861. As a medium-sized company, it operates at all levels of the value chain in energy and water management: From generating power, treating water and operating networks to selling energy, water, mobility and communications solutions, which they create partly using their own resources and partly through cooperation and investments. In the changing energy industry, Stadtwerke Menden is increasingly focusing on ECO mobility as well as on supplying certified green energy and gas.

The goal: a digital workplace to improve internal processes

After years of positive experience with individual Intrexx components, Stadtwerke Menden decided to optimize internal processes for its staff using a portal solution in 2018. The goal was to develop a solution with Intrexx that provided both access to a social intranet at every workstation (desktop and mobile) and an interface where customer-relevant business transactions could be processed.

By using the portal solution, every staff member should be given a login so that they can share ideas and stay up to date about internal news. As Stadtwerke Menden is in contact with customers every day as a service provider, it wanted to be able to handle internal customer service processes quickly and efficiently.

Together with KI GmbH, a solution was developed in numerous development steps (and based on the specific requirements for utility companies). This solution not only covered the technical requirements but also motivated the entire staff at Stadtwerke Menden to get to grips with the system and use it for their day-to-day work. The applications EPOS and ISI provide them with the corresponding functions.

ISI – Social intranet made easy

ISI (= Interactive Social Intranet) is a social intranet solution for all staff at Stadtwerke Menden. Its functions are rooted in the Enterprise Portal developed by KI GmbH. Thanks to the integrated content management system (CMS), employees can exchange information and documents within ISI, stay up to date about internal announcements, reports and news, and comment on these. The look and feel of ISI are based on known social media platforms so that even inexperienced users can learn how to use it quickly. Particularly the functions for “co-creating” content (pinboard) and the ability to comment and/or like all content convinced the multifarious staff at Stadtwerke Menden (from the construction team to financial controlling) right from the start.

Using the CMS, content pages are created, and news items are published in the frontend. A comprehensive permissions & editorial system ensures that release processes for new content are observed. Templates ensure that the look & feel and structure of pages is consistent even though the editors have different skill levels. The start page editor provides a good selection of structural elements like headings, images, contact lists, etc. Portlets on the homepage ensure that information can be viewed at a glance; these include an address book linked to Active Directory, quick links, upcoming birthdays, etc.

Thanks to ISI, Stadtwerke Menden is able to keep all staff up to date. And this would usually pose a big challenge as not all employees work at the company headquarters – as their jobs require, many colleagues are active in the service area at construction sites, in door-to-door sales or when a meter needs to be changed. These staff members want to and can receive all information and play an active role in internal communications thanks to ISI. The feedback from staff is accordingly positive: “We are pleased about the simple, web-based solution for exchanging information between our company’s departments, teams and employees,” summarizes Maria Geers, Head of Internal Communications.

The editorial team at Stadtwerke Menden gets a lot of acclaim for its “Quote of the day” portlet, which displays a new quote for each day. The quote is often used as a positive start to the day and as a “daily motto”. A simple but effective example that Stadtwerke Menden is connecting with its staff in numerous areas and has started down a good path with its digitalization strategy.

EPOS – Efficient Processes, Optimal Service

Stadtwerke Menden’s business transactions have been optimized digitally in the customer service center with EPOS and can be processed quickly and efficiently, as the name reveals: Efficient Processes, Optimal Service.

EPOS enables employees to create, prioritize, forward, monitor and process customer contacts with ease. In addition, the application has a link to Stadtwerke Menden’s SAP system via RPA software (= Robotic Process Automation). The IT department enters processes into the robotics system that uses a time-controlled process to transfer data records from EPOS to the SAP system and vice versa. The RPA software independently completes monotonous routine tasks on the side. Employees have more time to care for customers personally; which is highly appreciated based on a current customer satisfaction survey.

Master data is recorded for each customer and then displayed on an overview page so that all key information is available at a glance. The contracts, energy supply information and services for each customer are presented in a clear year view.

A ticket system assigns the customer-specific business transactions to the responsible case handler so that they can be processed further. The system allows users to set a priority for each ticket (“normal”, “very important”, etc.) as well as a status (“open”, “in process” or “completed”). All service cases can be sorted by priority, status, person responsible, business transaction or ticket number.

EPOS also provides significant support for the decentralized working of Stadtwerke Menden’s Direct Sales team. Andreas Krechel, Head of Direct Sales, says, “With EPOS, we always have up-to-the-minute customer data and transactions even while in the field and can advise and support our customers in all contractual issues directly. That is real customer service.”

A vibrant, continuously optimized system

Stadtwerke Menden has managed to establish digitalization in their company. All 147 employees use the portal solution from Intrexx on a daily basis. The success is palpable: appreciative internal communication from all colleagues and innovative collaboration in the various company teams. For the future, they plan on developing additional functions in collaboration with KI GmbH as needed. They also get plenty of ideas and suggestions from the discussions with their employees meaning a vibrant, continuously optimized system has been created that everyone enjoys working with.

  • 12 weeks between the purchase and the first live application
  • Link to Active Directory
  • SAP system interface using RPA software
  • Creation of a solution specifically for energy providers
  • Efficient handling of business transactions
  • Social intranet via a CMS Portal based on the KI Enterprise Portal
  • Consistent look & feel based on the CI of Stadtwerke Menden

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