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Swedish furniture giant

"With mQuest® and Intrexx, we can model our entire communication with subcontractors and customers digitally and for mobile devices. Furthermore, the smart combination of two established solutions made the implementation and rollout incredibly quick, simple and cost-effective."

Bernhard Ehrenstrasser, Business Navigation Manager, Austria

Kitchen furnishing goes digital

Cas d'utilisation : Extranet
Secteurs: Commerce, Fabrication
Produits: Applications individuelles
Partner: Xinger Solutions GmbH

The worldwide largest furnishing retailer from Sweden has long-since made an international name for itself. It has numerous stores in a wide-range of countries and meanwhile employs many thousands of staff.

In Austria, the company looked for an ideal way to digitalize the entire communication with subcontractors. The solution was a smart combination of the Intrexx web portal and the mobile offline app mQuest®. The system was designed, implemented and rolled out in collaboration with the Austrian Intrexx Partner Xinger Solutions. It has been in successful operation since 2018. The furniture giant was especially convinced by the low price and fast lead time. The entire portal development was completed after just five months.

The integration into Intrexx was made easy thanks to a service-oriented interface. From the first measurements, via the electric, gas and water installation, through to the fitting – all data and orders go through a central system. An up-to-the-minute upload can be ensured via WLAN and mobile internet. The data can be edited and controlled conveniently from the central system. Orders and data collection sheets can be assigned automatically. In addition, documenting the entire process, including photo evidence and image markings, is very straightforward with mQuest®. Another advantage is that employees can see the status of the end customer’s kitchen project at any time. This not only increases transparency and organization but also increases the satisfaction of everyone involved.

The system simplifies the day-to-day working of more than 150 employees. Their induction was quick and proved straightforward. The employees especially appreciate the clarity and simplicity of the portal. The company is already working on the planning and implementation of further applications.

  • Simple integration into Intrexx thanks to a service-oriented interface
  • All data grouped together in a central system
  • Up-to-the-minute data upload via WLAN and mobile internet
  • Automatic assignment of orders and data collection sheets
  • End-to-end documentation of projects
  • Increased transparency, organization and satisfaction

All services at a glance

Screenshot #1: All services at a glance

Xinger Solutions e.U.

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