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Connecting data the easy way

Intrexx connectors and interfaces

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Datenintegration mit Intrexx - alt6

All your data, one platform

With the Connectors for Intrexx you can collect data from various software systems together in your Intrexx portal. And this comes with a lot of benefits.
Dataintegration with Intrexx
  • More automation, less mistakes, shorter processing times.
  • Improved collaboration and more flexible processes.
  • Agile, customizable possible uses and functionalities.
  • Data is no longer saved in multiple locations, no inconsistency.
  • Integrate various software systems from various developers.
  • Simple exchange between individual software products.

Connectors for SAP

Datenintegration mit Intrexx - alt6

Universal connectors

Connector for SAP Business Suite

Connector for SAP Gateway

Connectors for Microsoft

Connector for Microsoft Office 365

Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

Connector for Microsoft Office

Connector for Microsoft Exchange

More connectors

Connector for M-Files

Connector for dg hyparchive

Connector for OData

Connector for IBM Lotus Notes

More interfaces

JDBC data sources

ABACUS Business Software

Web services

You haven't found what you're looking for?

No problem.
With Intrexx, you can integrate even more systems.
We'd be happy to advise you and provide you with more information.
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Datenintegration mit Intrexx - alt2
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