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Intrexx Business Adapter for Microsoft Exchange allows you to integrate all data and services from Microsoft Exchange Server into any Intrexx Enterprise Portal Web application. All kinds of data and services, whether e-mails, tasks, appointments or contacts, can be combined directly and in real-time with any other data, services, applications, ERP systems and processes - no matter what operating system platform is used. And it can all be made mobile for smartphones or tablets or made available as Web services. Business Adapter offers you a quick and easy-to-use Web development environment - both for Microsoft Exchange and Intrexx. This creates a wealth of potential uses.

Microsoft Exchange Server is the most popular unified communications software world-wide. Once Exchange Server has been set up, it definitely reduces the operating costs and increases the productivity of a company. The software manages the vast quantities of data at the heart of a company’s operations: e-mails, appointments, contacts, tasks. To date, access to Exchange Server has been extremely restricted, which largely prevented integration of this valuable data into a company portal. However, in a time when company portals combine information, applications and processes, integration of Exchange data is essential.

The Adapter gives companies read and write access to all areas and services of Microsoft Exchange Server, and facilitates integration into any Web application. The data is also available in the Intrexx Process Designer for use in process designs.

Sample scenarios


The Business Adapter consists of two components: The MediaGateway, which is installed on a Windows Server and provides access to Exchange Server. The second component is integrated in Intrexx Manager and allows simple configuration of the authentication method, login data and user accounts. Once the adapter has been set up, you can access the new data source like any other SQL data source, and use the data in the usual quick and convenient way in applications, processes or in the data integration centre (Web services). This allows you integrate the information from Exchange Server in applications and processes.

Exchange data in non-Windows environments

The advantage is that Intrexx Server can also run in heterogeneous environments like Linux or Mac systems, while still providing Exchange Server data.


The adapter fully complies with the strict security requirements which must be adhered to when accessing personal mailboxes and which are prescribed by Microsoft Exchange Server. After successful authentication, users initially only have access to their personal mailbox. The Adapter cannot access information unless users share parts of their mailbox via Microsoft Outlook. Access authentications are managed exclusively via the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Fixed user accounts

The adapter also allows you to access precisely defined mailboxes (e.g. Info (at) example.com), which means that you can edit data automatically as required using the Process Designer. For example, local restaurateurs mail their menus as PDF files to menu (at) example.com - Intrexx verifies the e-mail sender and automatically adds the weekly menu to the others in the “Menus of the Week” application.

In short

  • Seamless integration of Exchange data and services in Web applications
  • Web-based data hub for all platforms, ERP systems and devices
  • Convenient and fast development kit
  • Management of internal and external processes
  • Secure data access

Technical requirements

  • Intrexx Version 5.1 or newer
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010 (available shortly)
Unlimited user licence € 5,000
All prices exclude VAT

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