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For the development of a connector, know-how from the corresponding system is required

We at United Planet cannot therefore develop a connector for every system. In order to still offer the possibility of connecting Intrexx to other systems, we offer a universal Connector API. With this API, we make it possible for our partners, but also for customers and other interested parties, to develop connectors for third-party systems themselves.  

The data that these connectors retrieve from the third-party system can then be displayed and edited in the portal with Intrexx Basic Controls. This way, application developers will not notice any difference to other connectors nor Intrexx on-board equipment. 


Features at a glance:

  • Data group interface: implement your own data group logic for access to external systems 
  • Include files from external systems as Intrexx file fields 
  • OAuth2, HTTP Basic and other authentication 
  • List, read, create, edit and delete records 

Your advantages:


Individual connector for each system


Open interface


Example code on Github


Deep integration into your Intrexx portal

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