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With the Connector for dg archive, you can archive your documents in accordance with all legal requirements.

Instead of being saved in your Intrexx portal the files are saved in the Enterprise Content Management solution 'dg archive'. Simultaneously, the documents are stamp information are presented to you in your Intrexx web-interface in an intuitive manner. You can always see whether a file is available locally or archived in dg archive.

You can open and download the archived data directly from dg archive in your Intrexx portal. You don't need to change system. You can also define the stamp information in Intrexx. These are then transferred to dg archive.


Functions at a glance

  • Unified Archiving: All documents, that must be archived, e.g. receipts, reports, analysis or emails can be archived and managed straightforwardly.
  • Compliance: Legal standards for storing and archiving documents are upheld. This means you’re always working in a way that conforms to the law.
  • Rendition: Documents can be transformed into the long-term formats such as PDF/A and TIFF, this format is automatically assigned to the original and then archived.
  • Retention: Documents are deleted and archived based on rules. Deadlines for deletion no longer get forgotten.

  • Classification: The system automatically recognizes if the document relates to for example a contract or a bill, so that the appropriate procedures can be carried out for the document.
  • OCR: There is also the option to use the OCR engine so that it’s possible to use a full-text search for all uploaded documents, including pictures.
  • DocPresenter: The integrated DocPresenter makes it possible to view documents directly in the browser, thus making the need to download documents obsolete.
  • Indexing: Documents can be provided with metadata that is then available in the comprehensive search.

Your benefits


Archive company documents in a legally conforming manner


Archive and index documents using flexible web interfaces


Seamless linking between Intrexx and the archiving system


Integrate archived documents into applications and processes


Created by both developers

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