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With the Intrexx Connector for Microsoft Office, you can conveniently access all released documents which are stored as file attachments in your Intrexx portal.

Open the documents directly in Microsoft Office, edit them and then save them from the Office application back to you portal. Even newly created documents can be stored in the portal easily and directly. This means all of your important documents are stored quickly and centrally in your portal.

The "Intrexx Office Integration" add-on can access published Intrexx applications using all current authentication methods. Additional information about the documents can be requested and edited directly in Office using an edit form. As usual, these edit forms can be created in the Applications module and then adjusted to your individual requirements.


Functions at a glance

  • Open documents from an Intrexx portal in the corresponding program, such as Microsoft Word, or save to an Intrexx portal from Microsoft Word
  • Direct access to documents stored in the company portal from Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Intrexx menu in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint/Word/Excel) 
  • Edit form for additional meta-data can be easily created in the Application Designer

  • Any changes made can be saved in Microsoft Office and synchronized with the Intrexx portal
  • Filters can be defined in Intrexx to restrict lists when selecting documents
  • The sought-after document can be found quickly thanks to a search field
  • Can be integrated into all Intrexx applications to upload documents directly

Your benefits


Interconnect document management and Office applications


Direct storage of Office documents in the Intrexx portal


Cost-effective alternative to Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS)


Easy to implement

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