Intrexx Connector for Microsoft SharePoint

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The Connector for Microsoft SharePoint enables you to integrate data from Microsoft SharePoint into Intrexx applications and processes.

Both systems allow two-way data access via the OData protocol. In this way, SharePoint lists and file libraries can be processed in Intrexx and the other way around. Data modifications in one system are synchronized with the other system.

The connector expands Intrexx data groups with features that allow you to communicate with Microsoft SharePoint using the HTTP and OData protocols and to transmit the data structures of both systems in the format needed for the other. With this, accessing the Microsoft SharePoint server with Intrexx always takes place in the context of a Microsoft SharePoint user, although any Microsoft SharePoint authentication type is supported.



Functions at a glance

  • Read and write access to fields and files in Microsoft SharePoint lists and document libraries using Intrexx external data groups. Files can also be saved in lists and document libraries.
  • The connector supports the "Check out – Check in" functionality of Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Intrexx users can log in to Microsoft SharePoint using Windows, Forms-based or Identity Provider authentication.
  • Intrexx lets you use Groovy scripts to carry out direct Microsoft SharePoint queries.

Your benefits


Put an end to isolated solutions


Rapid, efficient modeling of processes with Microsoft SharePoint data


Simple data consolidation


SharePoint stays lean and close to the standard simplifying updates and maintenance


The company's individual requirements can be optimally supported

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