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Connector for Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Integration

Your appointments, tasks and emails are important; that's why they're part of any decent enterprise portal. That's exactly why we created the Connector for Microsoft Exchange. With it, you can access almost all information from your personal mailbox. The Connector puts you in a position to use this information for almost any application you'd like.

That means you could, for example, display a table in your CMS that accesses your personal mailbox, or just your inbox or outbox and then lists all mails that have the customer number of the currently selected customer in the subject. Or you can add a contact to your personal address book with a simple mouse-click.

How the Connector for Microsoft Exchange works
You don't work with copies of the data but access your mailbox in real-time, or even mailboxes from other users where they have provided you with access permission. Even though the Connector for Microsoft Exchange can be used to access all elements of the Exchange Server and your personal mailbox, the Connector is neither a "second Outlook WebAccess" nor a replacement for Outlook.
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Your benefits:
  • One step closer to the Digital Workplace with all relevant data on one interface.
  • The Exchange data can be combined with other data, services, applications, ERP systems and processes in real-time using Intrexx.

  • A quick and easy-to-use web development environment - both for Microsoft Exchange and Intrexx.

  • Read and write access to all areas and services of the Microsoft Exchange Server.

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