Intrexx Connector for SAP Business Suite

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Integrate your SAP data into your Intrexx portal and model entire business processes from SAP - even across multiple SAP systems.

In this way, you can implement completely new approaches, such as an extranet where partners can view price lists and where customers can retrieve the status of their order.

The Connector takes advantage of the Remote Function Call (RFC): a request is sent to the Intrexx server via HTTP/HTTPS in the browser. The Intrexx server calls the corresponding RFC module using the SAP middleware provided by the connector. The middleware retrieves the requested data in the appropriate SAP system via the RFC API and returns this to the Intrexx server as a response. The connector is completely integrated into the Intrexx application framework.



Functions at a glance

View & Write

  • With the "View & Write" module, you can model writing scenarios and functional calls. Examples for such scenarios include availability checks and price requests.
  • All data operations (read, modify, write) are only performed in the SAP system.
  • The convenient Groovy API allows you to call RFC functions in Groovy scripts.

There are two options available for the Connector for SAP Business Suite:

Developer API

  • The "Developer API" option contains a complex framework for developing bi-directional scenarios as is often the case in projects.
  • The required portal functions (e.g. read, write, delete) are available in SAP in an object-oriented ABAP framework.
  • Use the Trust Manager to configure single sign-on between Intrexx and SAP.
  • Trigger Intrexx processes from SAP.

Your benefits


Read and write access to SAP data as well as bi-directional scenarios.


Data validation takes place in the SAP system, existing SAP business logic can be used directly.


Individual processes: only the data that you want to make available is made available.


The development in SAP and the application development in Intrexx are separated clearly.


The connector supports multiple SAP systems - ranging from the older SAP R/3 4.6 to the newest SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA-based systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, BW or other components).


Use existing RFC and BAPI modules.


Read and write permissions for the individual data records and applications are defined in a roles-based manner via the Intrexx User Manager.

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