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What is low-code development?

Digitalize your company
Simple, individual and fast.

Was ist Low-Code Development

Digitalization - as simple and manifold as origami

It's just an empty piece of paper to start with: But it offers an endless number of opportunities. We can draw on it, write stories on it or fold it into a work of art.

Low-code development platforms are the blank piece of paper plus the colors, pencils and folding instructions. Thanks to these, business applications - from digital applications for travel expenses through to service platforms for customers - can be created surprisingly quickly.

What is low-code development?

Low-code development platforms are graphical development tools for business applications. These platforms enable you to create applications while keeping work on the source code to a minimum. That means your programming effort is reduced significantly.

With low-code, applications are modelled based on the drag & drop principle instead of programmed. The business logic, the database model and finally the user interface for the applications are developed in a graphical application designer. In this way, low-code bridges the void between IT and other departments: Employees with IT skills from other departments can create and modify applications as well.

Whitepaper: Digital transformation with low-code development

No company can hide from the challenges of digitalization. But how can the growing demands of customers, employees and partners be met with justifiable outgoings? Implementing a low-code development platform accelerates and simplifies the creation of business applications. This relieves the development and IT departments. Read more in this whitepaper.
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Low Code Development Platform

Why do we need low-code development now more than ever?

Low-code development platforms enable companies to create and roll out user-defined web applications very quickly. The need for these custom applications is growing all the time. And this isn't just the case in software companies, but also in every company that wants to improve their business processes with digitalized procedures.

The development and deployment of the applications requested by the management are often lagging far behind, however. This is also caused by the increasing shortage of skilled workers: At the end of 2017, the trade group Bitkom counted 55,000 vacant positions for IT specialists. In view of the growing demand for individual solutions and low staffing levels, it's clear that conventional approaches to development just can't keep up.

The main benefits of low-code development

The main benefits of low-code development can be demonstrated in three areas: simplicity, adaptability and celerity.
Less manual coding means that applications are easier to develop. With low-code, business applications are created in a few hours or days – not months.

Digitalization as easy as pie

Create business applications and digital processes as a non-programmer? As easy as pie with the right low-code development platform. Graphical editors and building blocks minimize the need to write code. You only require a short or even no induction time and can get started right away.

That's simple.


Every company is unique, just like its requirements. With low-code development, you can adjust applications, processes and permissions at any time or you can create entirely new ones based on the current needs - putting you in the best position to react to changes in the market.

That's individual.

In the fast lane

Save valuable time with low-code development. Just like a construction set, the platform comes with many ready-made components and features that you put together via drag & drop. Routine development tasks are automated. Up to 5x faster productivity.

That's fast.

How low-code makes digitalization possible

Learn about digital transformation through low-code development in this 2 minute video.

The best low-code development platform? Intrexx!

From ideas to innovations

Intrexx Low-Code Development Plattform Dashboard
Everybody has ideas. But ideas put into practice are much better. The Intrexx Application Designer helps you here: With the graphical editor you can model your own applications via drag & drop from premade elements such as buttons and tables. Whether it's a canteen plan or a quality management app, you have complete design freedom.

Save time on routine tasks in the development and reduce manual programming to a minimum. Another decisive advantage of low-code: The application's user interface is created at the same time as the application is developed. This all reduces development times and keeps the quality at a consistently high standard.

"Intrexx puts us in a position to respond to most requests ourselves and to provide suitable solutions quickly. Our employees are excited about how fast their ideas are implemented and the reductions in workload that these result in!”

Torsten Schulz, IT System Administrator at the DEHA Gruppe

Harness the benefits of low-code development

Stay a step ahead of the competition transform your company and become a digital leader.

Employee satisfaction

Low-code development relieves the IT department. They can then focus much more on implementing user requests. This ensures that applications achieve the maximum level of user-friendliness, which in turn increases the employee satisfaction.



Thanks to the construction set system, you can modify applications and processes at the drop of a hat. This allows you to react with greater flexibility to changes in the market and requests from stakeholders - enabling you to transform your company into a digital leader.

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Save time and money

Low-code means less stress, reduced outgoings and rapid success. Save valuable time and resources.


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