Intrexx Connector for M-Files

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With the Connector for M-Files, users can create, update, read and delete objects, metadata and files in M-Files.

The connector also allows for M-Files value lists to be available in Intrexx with user specific or generic login options available where required. When users manage M-Files data or files in the Intrexx portal, M-Files is updated immediately meaning data is always synchronous without any duplication. Information from M-Files can be published to a portal automatically based on any M-Files property with zero coding.


Functions at a glance

  • Manage and edit the metadata, object data and files held in M-Files files via Intrexx without duplication.
  • Two-way synchronisation between M-Files and Intrexx.
  • Link to M-Files Vaults and integrate your M-Files data into Intrexx web-applications and forms.
  • Whether for intranet or extranet scenarios, the Connector for M-Files, allows you to control, manage and share information stored in M-Files within any Intrexx application.
  • User specific and generic login available.
  • Automated publishing from M-Files to Intrexx based on M-Files properties.

Your benefits


Read and write data linking


Communication between M-Files and Intrexx works seamlessly in both ways


Integrate documents from M-Files into any Intrexx application


Provide customers and business partners with extranet access to documents stored in M-Files


Distribute documents via the news feed in Intrexx Share


Compliance with industry standards


Manage and share documents in a secure and traceable manner without compromising efficiency or usability

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