Intrexx Connector for SAP Gateway 2.0

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The Connector for SAP Gateway is a ready-to-go interface that is the perfect pipeline for your data and documents.

Create processes in your Intrexx portal and integrate SAP elements. With the Connector for SAP Gateway, you have a perfect data interface. Using the Open Data Protocol (OData), you provide data and documents in a web-based manner via Intrexx and access, even while mobile, product images, order confirmations, invoices, etc.

SAP data is integrated in three simple steps: You select the service that you would like to access. You then decide which Intrexx application should be used to depict the data. In the final step, you can select the desired service functions such as read, edit or delete data.

The Connector takes advantage of the Open Data Protocol (OData) which makes integrating SAP data as easy as it would be with a simple database. Gateway Content Services can be operated both of the SAP NetWeaver Server as well as directly on an SAP backend system and in both cases, these enable REST web services in accordance with OData to be generated. The web services can also be generated from BAPIs, RFCs or even Dynpro - they can also be developed based on ABAP Objects.

Officially certified by SAP:
The Connector for SAP Gateway 2.0 was officially recertified and approved by SAP in August 2019.



Functions at a glance

  • Read and write access to SAP data via OData
  • Fully utilize the low-code approach for developing applications that integrate SAP data
  • Easy to integrate services into Intrexx thanks to the configuration wizard

Your benefits


SAP data is available on a user-friendly and customizable interface.


Read and write access to SAP data - even while on the go.


Data validation takes place in the SAP system, the existing SAP Business Logic can be used directly.


Individual processes: Only the data from SAP that you want to make available is made available in Intrexx.


Supplement the SAP data with data from other systems.


The development in SAP and the application development in Intrexx are separated clearly.

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