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Extranet and B2B portals

The bridge to your business partners

Extranet und B2B-Portale - Brücke zu Geschäftspartnern

What is an extranet?

With an extranet, companies can easily share information with business partners such as suppliers and customers. The extranet is an extension of the intranet. It can be used by a specific group of external users with a password. This facilitates an efficient cross-company exchange of information.

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Direct communication via B2B portals

An extranet or B2B portal is your private and secure platform for working together with customers, suppliers and partners.

Here, virtual collaboration takes place in work groups. Messages, files and other work-related information is shared. Ideas and mutual projects are developed. The extranet is a direct line between business partners.

Extranet and B2B portals

Possible use cases for extranets:

  • Customer portal
  • Supplier portal
  • Partner portal
  • Event portal


The benefits

Incorporate customers, suppliers and partners  
Secures document exchange  
Important information up-to-date and at a glance  
Cross-company applications  
Save time and money

Extranet and B2B-Portals

Your solution: Intrexx

With Intrexx, you can create an extranet more easily than with any other solution.

With it, you can provide your customers and partners with secure and personalized access to important information.

More about Intrexx
Intrexx in Action #1

“What I like most about Intrexx is that you can come to grips with it yourself, without having to rely on expensive IT service providers. We save a lot of time in our daily work with our new extranet that is specifically tailored to our needs.”

Frauke Siech, Project Management IT & Travel Agency Supervision, BEST-RMG Reisen Management AG

Case studies

Our numerous success stories demonstrate how our customers have implemented Intrexx. You will be surprised how versatilely one software can be deployed without becoming overloaded, unclear or complex.

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