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The bridge to your business partners

Consult us now Extranet and B2B-Portals - The bridge to your business partners
Extranets facilitate an efficient and even cross-company exchange of data. The business process can be handled more easily, quickly, cost-effectively, transparently and still within a secure space. Especially for routine tasks and clearly defined procedures, savings potential can be realized and processing times can be reduced.

An extranet gives you a decisive competitive edge

Icon Process optimization

Process optimization

A B2B portal makes it possible to improve the company's business processes by standardizing and automating them. This saves both time and money and leads to noticeably higher quality of sevice.
Icon Flow of information

Flow of information

Keep your business partners up to date at all times via the mutual news feed in the extranet. All users can access the news post at any time - they just need to open the corresponding portal. The post creator can individually determine whether the post is intended for all users or just for a specific group.
Icon data access

Data access

The provision of data is decisive for the mutual competitive edge. Import data and its analysis can be shared simply, securely and always up-to-date.
Icon Inclusion


With an extranet, partners and customers can be included more effectively and directly. Without increasing outgoings for support, the support quality is improved as information is available when it is needed and processes can be handled more efficiently. This increases business partner satisfaction and strengthens their bond - even without face-to-face communication.
Controlled access

Controlled access

A B2B portal enables external partners to be provided with access to information and workflows via a uniform platform. Access can be precisely defined and controlled using a simple permission management system.
Icon Always up to date

Always up to date

When information is distributed via email, this usually leads to a sort of "shadow administration": recipients save documents and emails in their own structures. A key problem here arises when information needs to be altered. A collaborative B2B portal enables you to keep information right up to date at all times. This means users always find the latest information when they access it.
Icon Findability


In a portal, information is much easier to find than in a file system. When data is saved in a database in a portal, each object can be classified by different attributes. Finding the data later is made significantly simpler as a result. A full-text search is also made possible. Especially when this is combined with document metadata (keywords, categories, publication date etc.), this increase findability immensely.

A step ahead of the competition

Accelerate your communication with customers, suppliers and partners along the value chain and organize your external business processes efficiently. This helps you get an important step ahead of your competition.

What I like most about Intrexx is that you can come to grips with it yourself, without having to rely on expensive IT service providers. We save a lot of time in our daily work with our new extranet that is specifically tailored to our needs.

Frauke Siech, Project Management IT & Travel Agency Supervision

Your solution: Create your extranet with Intrexx

With Intrexx, you can create an extranet easily, quickly and without a lot of programming effort. With it, you can provide your customers and partners with secure and personalized access to important information, keep them up to date at all times and strengthen your business relationship without increasing outgoings for support.

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