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Intrexx success story: Manufacturing

Sunrise Medical GmbH & Co. KG

“Intrexx is simply unparalleled in its area […] For our requirements, SharePoint would be like the proverbial bull in a china shop.”

Christian Hügel, Business Analyst, Sunrise Medical

From flipcharts to digital production support

Use case: Process automation
Industries: Manufacturing
Products: Individual applications

Sunrise Medical is one of the world market leaders in the development, production and distribution of wheelchairs and systems for perfect sitting and positioning. Across the world, 2,000 people work for Sunrise Medical. In accordance with their motto “Improving people’s lives”, the company’s innovative products enable people to lead an independent and autonomous life.

The facilities of Sunrise Medical have various production lines where a wide variety of wheelchairs are assembled. In the past, a flipchart stood next to each production line where employees could write down the currently missing components by hand. A process which lead to paper-warfare and was in desperate need of improvement. Furthermore, it was also important to them to simplify collaboration with partners and to improve data management of the comprehensive portfolio, which was previously more of a building site.

Unparalleled in flexibility and customizability

At a trade fair in 2011, they received a CD – yes, they were still around then – by chance. This CD contained a test version of Intrexx. Christian Hügel, Business Analyst and responsible for optimizing processes at Sunrise Medical, was convinced: “Intrexx was predestined to meet our requirements.” Because the software has attractive acquisition costs, there wasn’t another option for Hügel: “I have to say that Intrexx was unparalleled in its area and still is. I don’t know of any other solution that can provide the same in the areas of flexibility and customizability. For our requirements, SharePoint would be like the proverbial bull in a china shop.”

Tailored applications made with Low-Code

The graphical user interface of the Low-Code platform Intrexx allows the user to create applications by drag-and-drop. With this, a process optimizing portal was assembled within two months – including planning and testing. For this, they made use of the consulting services of the software developer. As a result, Sunrise Medical was able to modify the portal themselves with additional, to some extent substantial, projects to perfectly meet to their needs. Thanks to Low-Code, this is possible without much programming effort.

In answer to question, which functions are most commonly used, Hügel replied, “For us, Intrexx is much more than just an intranet.” Everything that can’t be modelled directly using the ERP system – especially process – is solved with Intrexx. When the company switched to the new ERP system “QAD Cloud ERP”, Intrexx especially showed its strengths in the data integration, “The entire data migration from the old ERP to the new was taken care of by Intrexx.” Furthermore, Intrexx is used to merge and consolidate data. That’s why, as an example, the product data management system, SolidWorks, is connected to Intrexx. The data is processed, verified and then transferred to the ERP system by Intrexx.

Another highlight is the supplier portal including a Kanban process. The largest suppliers of Sunrise Medical have access to the extranet. Here, they can see a list of the articles to be supplied. Which parts are needed when and where is automatically displayed. This means that orders no longer need to be actively placed. Christian Hügel sees benefits for both sides in the supplier portal, “It improves collaboration immensely. We have a direct reduction in workload and the suppliers can decide for themselves, when they want to download orders”. Instead of selecting an oversized ERP solution which would provide such a process, they could economically implement the process themselves with Intrexx.

By digitalizing many of the daily occurring processes, Sunrise Medical benefit from tangible savings in time. The analyst, Hügel, is also pleased about how this also leads to reduced costs. And the flipcharts from earlier? Nobody really misses them. They’ve been thrown away and replaced by monitors. The data entered here is, by way of a process, is forwarded to the right place and the additional steps – from ordering the parts through to informing the customer about the projected delivery data – is taken care of automatically.

  • Improved processes
  • Seamless collaboration across the entire production chain
  • Simple consolidation and migration, even with large volumes of data
  • Workload reduced and time saved

Kanban cards are automatically generated by the portal The availability report in the Kanban portal brings clarity

Screenshot #1: Kanban cards are automatically generated by the portal
Screenshot #2: The availability report in the Kanban portal brings clarity

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