Document management & software integrationAbConsultants now manage documents intelligently. Thanks to Intrexx.

Project highlights: Project management, Document management, Integration of M-Files

Project highlights
  • Project management

  • Document management

  • Integration of M-Files

The challenge

The noise experts from abConsultants wanted to move away from outdated and time-consuming procedures in their everyday office work. The goal: a digitised, paperless office that meets their high technical standards. The company from the energy sector wanted software that could manage all company-relevant information and automate projects. It aimed to replace various existing programs with new, uniform, and powerful software.

The Intrexx solution

With the low-code platform, abConsultants found their digital solution for the efficient processing of their documents and projects. With Intrexx, the engineers developed an intuitive document and project management system fed from their previously used programs. All applications and data are centrally available to all employees.

As an engineering office, we want to design our processes so that we can provide information to our customers and our employees at any time and in any place with our paperless office. A link between Intrexx and M-Files by PortalConsult offers us an optimal DMS, CMS, project management, sales management system, and controlling instrument today. It serves not only as storage but also strongly contributes to quality improvement and assurance through workflow processes, permissions, and revision tracking.
Sabina SiefertManaging Director

The Intrexx solution for intelligent document management

A document management that interlinks customers, projects, and orders.

With the low-code platform, abConsultants GmbH implemented a solution that elevates the company to a new level of digitalisation and creates a paperless office where information is available at all times for all customers and employees.

Integration of M-Files and Intrexx

Thanks to Intrexx, abConsultants have established efficient document management and processing. This allows documents to be stored in M-Files via Intrexx. Metadata about customers, projects, and employees are maintained in Intrexx and synchronised with M-Files. The use of multiple systems is thereby eliminated: workflows in M-Files are directly accessible in Intrexx – made possible by the M-Files connector from Intrexx!

All data and processes at a glance.

And the Intrexx platform can do even more: the entire project communication is stored as conversation notes, emails, or documents in the portal. Detailed reporting allows management and project managers to access the current status of orders and projects at any time.

About abConsultants

Experts in noise protection: The engineers from abConsultants assess noise situations and ensure during the planning of real estate, residential areas, or industrial and leisure facilities that noise levels are minimised.

Add new functions at any time with Intrexx

With Intrexx, abConsultants continuously develop their portal further.

With the low-code platform from Intrexx, abConsultants have made significant progress in digitising their document management. Building an individual and powerful portal took only about three months in total. Since its introduction, the portal has been progressively supplemented with additional functions.